Friday, May 6, 2011

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Japanese Village & French Town
located at
Was pretty bored and tired with work, decided to have getaway...
Somewhere not too far, but not too near as well, Bukit Tinggi is the place to go! XD

Driving there, will take around say 50 mins? 10 more mins further compared to Genting, not too bad =D

ok, here's the catch, there's entrance fees to Colmar Tropicale! But not too expensive la, 12 bucks only! come on, McD nowadays cost more than that somtimes =D so, not too bad... =)

After passing by the entrance, you need to take around 5 minutes to drive up to the Japanese Village. and, errrr, u need to foot walk up a hill for a bit =S so ladies, be warned! haha

after a while,
Japanese Village

Private suite in the village, I would love to stay there one day, wonder how much would it cost? hmmmmm

and next stop
the Botanical Garden

honestly speaking, the botanical garden was kinda disappointing.... the flowers and all are like doing there! sad case man!
i think the botanical garden in Penang is waaaaay better!
oh they have tea house there if you're tired walking....

then off to French Village....
check out the hotel there! damn impressing right?
it's Berjaya Hills Resort btw....

and walaaa,
French Village

while taking pictures halfway, mana tau, God decided to cry! and we ended up sitting at one of the bakery eating with the heavy rain! =S
kid playing with rain water....

after a while, we decided to run under the rain, cause it the rain didnt stop nor any yeaaaahhhh

Check out the tower...
we were actually standing in front of it contemplating whether to go over there and walk up or not, cause it seems super high up! and look at the stairs! damn high, i think i'll be dead the moment i walk up there....
ANYWAYS, in the end we decided to just go for it!
who knows, when we got there, they actually have a lift! babi sial! hahahaha

up at the tower!

oh, and they swans there... =)

ANYWAYS, there's like Horse Trail and Rabbit Farm and all....but we didnt manage to go because of the rain......

Oh well.........