Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Thank you to Anna, now I have to do this =S

1. What is the relationship of you with him/her?
Good Friends =D ....and she's my Jelly...haha

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
hmmmm, smart, talkative, crazy, lazy and cheecky

3. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you?
by calling me Bunny =S

4. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you?
calls me Bunny non-stop =S

5. If he/she become your lover, you will...
love her? =S but I think she will drive me crazy instead =D

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will...
try to make things better

7. If he/she become your lover, she has to improve on...
sleeping early...and don't be so lazy...hehe

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
I dunno, guess that won't happen laa...we're nice ppl =D

9. The most desirable thing to do for him/her is?
is this even a question?

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
a really nice gal, but she need to think what is best for her sometimes =)

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
that's for them to answer, not me...

12. The character of you for yourself is?
crazy and hard to understand i guess?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
love to procrastinate

14. The most ideal person you want to be is?
why I wanna be someone else when I'm enjoying life now =D

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
They're nice people =)

10 people to tag. *scrathes head* (P.S.: not arranged according to favorites)
1. Angeline
2. Yin Yen
3. Yee Chien
4. Freddy
5. Aaron
6. Joanne
7. Jamie
8. Kristi
9. Claudia
10. Michael

Who is number 2 having a relationship with?
She's single and available...hehe

Is number 3 a male of a female?
a female.....

If number 7 and 10 were together would it be a good thing?
Guess they will be busy reading Jane Austen together everyday, maybe I guess..haha

How about number 5 and 8?
I don't think so =S

What is number 1 studying about?
law, and she will still be in =)

Is number 4 single?
this is hard to answer =S

Say something about 6?
Guys, OWH!! I mean MACHA, just love to check her out =D

She's enjoying life in Cardiff now..

signing offf

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How should I start this post?

Is it so hard to even start a post? 

I seriously have no idea how to start about on this post at all...I know what to blog about, but then I have no idea at all how to start... =S

Look at the conversation below, I guess I'm not the only one who is facing difficulty to start a post =D wahahahahaha
[21:16] yeong boon: 
juz got back home
[21:17] yeong boon: feel like bloggin
[21:17] yeong boon: but dunno what to blog about
[21:17] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: ahhaa
[21:17] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: i havent been updating my blog too
[21:17] yeong boon: yeaaaaaaah
[21:17] yeong boon: i knowww
[21:20] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: hahha
[21:20] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: i reali dunno wad to blog about
[21:21] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: i mean i know but i dunno how to start
[21:21] yeong boon: yeaaaaah
[21:21] yeong boon: same like meee
[21:21] yeong boon: i wanna blog now
[21:21] yeong boon: but then i dunno how to start at alll
[21:21] yeong boon: wth!

And was complaining to Yee Chien how to start my post...
[21:18] yeong boon: haha
[21:18] yeong boon: aiyoooo
[21:18] yeong boon: whats wrong with my brain today
[21:19] YeeChien: today your brains disappeared.
[21:20] yeong boon: hahaha
[21:20] yeong boon: no
[21:20] yeong boon: juz not functioning
[21:20] yeong boon: dunno why
[21:23] YeeChien: haha zha dou.
[21:23] YeeChien: then no need to blog la
[21:23] YeeChien: but blog something la
[21:23] YeeChien: hahah I need to be entertained.
[21:23] YeeChien: and the best way is by reading your blog

HAHAHAA, I actually can entertain u har?  =D

Well after class on Thursday, went swimming.....
Yee Chien didn't bring her stuff, so she just sit there and chill...and she took this few picturesss...
spot me? I'm the one in the middle there. Bryan in the pool, Tho Quin walking towards me

Three steps to diveeeee =D
look at the camera and =), haahhaha

wear your goggles..


Next day, swimming again....After that, we Yee Chien, Bryan, Tho Quin & Me went dinner, Yuen's steamboat, Subang..

Dunno why Tho Quin & Bryan wanna torture the poor sotong...=/

she's acting cute again...haihzzz *shaking head* wahahaa

Next day class as usual......went for LATE lunch after class..Oowh ya, I think my eating time and all now is like so not right...have been not eating at the right time at all...Our lunch now can consider as  Tea Time dy... haihzz...Thankz to the stupid timetable..
After lunch, the plan was to chill for a while then go for basketball....In the end it rain its the 2nd day straight =S, so all of them went back except the few of us...because Joanne need to stay back to wait till 5 to fetch her mum and due the rain too, we couldn't get our car =S

So to cut the boreddnesssssss out....

as usual, Joanne just love doing this =/ hahahaha

 can you believe that Tho Quin and Bryan actually slept off =S

After 1 hour plus of waiting, we finally went back...

We Angeline & Me were talking about going there for so long dy....At last we Angeline, Joanne & ME're going tomorrow...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in year 2...=D

YEAH!!!! I'm in Year 2 now ppl!!! wohoohohohoo....

All of us Me, Yee Chien, Michael, Joanne, Carmen, Wilson, Tho Quin, Ian, Wai Yen, Bryan and Vivian got through to year 2........ YEAH! before that, all us were kinda worry about our result, and we're really lucky too to get through all of our papers, as we did not really work really hard on it....hehe...thank God =)
But then its not that nice afterall, why? because quite a number of our classmates did not get through all the papers......So hopefully they will get through on their re-sit this time...GOOD LUCK!!! =)

First Day
First day of year 2 was ok...because its Ananth's class..... Knew that we gonna enjoy his class....
By the way, our current class darn BIGGGGGGG.... Guess the number? Its around 160 students...So you can imagine how big it is... =S
A lot of new faces, didn't get to know any new ppl... Why? I think it is because everyone already have their own cliques...and we also have our own...

So after class, as usual.....LUNCCCCHHH!!!!! went Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village 2..

Usual them =/ haha

BEING cute again, I mean AS USUAL =D

Second Day
Ananth's class again.... =/
Nothing muccccch......It was tort, and I wasn't bother to listen to it...because I did it in A-levels... =S
Guess what after that, LUNCCCCCCH AGAIN!!! hahaha, this time was at Fish & Co, our usual place...hehe

Owh ya, the moment we got there.... The waiter went and shake hand with Bryan =S as if they have known each other for really long =S yeah, we go there often...but I don't really like that waiter somehow =S

hahah....they were so bored waiting for their food I guess

I guess he was trying to be as pervert as Wilson, HAHAHA...Bryan you did it! =D

Why so busy? *shaking head*

we're enjoying =D wahahahaha

Well, 2nd day was ok I guess =/

Third Day
I dunno what's happening in class....Dunno what's Ms Vilmah teaching.....

hahah...this is what you SHOULD do when you're bored in class =D

We went to mamak during the break, and Yee Chien and Joanne decided not to go up for classs....
Why? CAUSE ITS EXTREMELY BORINGGGGGGG...They did a wise decision =S

After class, we went to main block to register our subject and had our lunch there...PIZZA HUT

Then we wanted to go to Pinky for CC...but its full =S
So we ended up SS2.....

After that, all of them came to my place for swimming......
Then Bryan, Tho Quin and me went for dinner in Murni...the rest went home...
Headed to Tho Quin's place for a while before all of us went home.....

will update sooon.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Night Out

"Night Out", same tittle as Anna's blog about the outing =)
The day started off when Anna texted me and asked me to Gurney....When she texted, I was like OMG, Anna u saved me, i'm rotting hell at home! haha...

So went to Anna's house and fetch her...then we headed to Gurney, she said she was hungry and its already almost 5pm =S
Then we went Winter Warmers because she's craving for Carbonara... 

Anna ordered Carbonara and Iced Peach Tea with extra JELLYYYY no wonder I call you(Anna) jelly, wahahhah  =D
I ordered Iced Lime-Mint Tea.....

After ordering, I said to Anna you should try that...then she was like Iced LIME-MINT Tea izzit? I thought you wanted to order Iced Lemon Tea and you could not pronouce LEMON TEA properly....WTH, we had a laugh about that! haha...

While waiting for her food and our drinks, I meet my high school pal Freddy with another friend of his Wen...... They don't have any plan, so in the end they decided to join us...A while later, Kristi came and joined us as well.....We ended up chit-chatting at Winter Warmers till 7 something.... Owh ya, before we went off, everyone got extremely bored...They started mixing up the left over carbonara with cheese, salt, black paper and all....DISGUSTING WEI!!!! =S

Its DINNER TIME....We headed to Northam Beach for our dinner....
Northam Beach

Kristi and Anna ordered Tom Yam, the difference its Kristi's TomYam was GIGANTIC.....When it came, we were like WOOOOOWWWW =O I ordered WanTanMee and Freddy ordered some prawn noodle....owh ya! Wen went back home for dinner....
Anna couldn't finish her food cause she had Carbonara like 2 hours ago =S and Kristi couldn't as well..... SOOO, what Anna did was she literally destroy the food...As in literally, she said if she don't do it then later they re-use it how? =SSSS

After dinner, we decided to go to Autocity because all the place in Penang we went before dy, WE WANT SOMETHING NEW =D....The gals thought that we were just joking! haha... So we went =D

But then before that we have to pick up Wen from her house.....I don't know where she stays..So we have to tail Freddy's car to her place....and we ended up dunno where, because Freddy got lost, and he keep on turning on the hazard light, as a sign of confused he said =S 
In the end we reached there SAFELY, as Freddy keep on stopping his car in the middle of the road to figure out how to go to Wen's place...that will be the last time I'll tail him =S

Owh ya, Anna got bored in my car and started taking pictures with my phone =)
Here's the picturesss........
The lion in my car, Anna wanted to bring it home


Me, driving =)

Then we headed to Autocity....Got there and we went to BED go all the way to Autocity to go BED, Penang also got la =S
Here's the picturesss....
Everyone was bored at first

Seeeeee, even with alcohol, everyone was extremely boredddd =S

After a while,  we started playing cards, COR-DAI-DI(in hokkien)....Everyone started to crap and all...whahahahaha... 
and pictures again =D

Me & Freddy, long time friend since high school

Kristi, Me and Wen Anna said I'm a pimp in her blog =S

Anna & Kristi

After that we started playing with the jelly on the table....The jelly was suppose for the flower =S well, we started to throw everyone with it.... HAHA....owh ya, after that we noticed that its like no more jelly, we poured beer for the flower instead =D OMG, haha.....

Look at the flower's cup at the corner...its almost empty =D

Anna with JELLY

Look at the flower's cup, it was full when we first reach there...hahaha =D

Anna was so busy the whole night *shaking head*

haha, they are trying to be LALA...=D

Wen daydreaming =D

haha... I wrote this...Love it =D

Then Anna wanted to take picture of me and Kristi....She ended up taking a short video....

Have a peek =)

We went off.....The place that we sat, its full with JELLIESSSSS on the flooooooorr......
hahahaha...I bet they gonna remember our face and ban us from there....wahahhahaa =D

Then we wanted to go to Pelita for some drink.......Exactly opposite BED, there's a Pelita....
But then, Freddy don't want...He said he want to go back to the Pelita in Penang...WTH =S he said he likes the feeling of crossing the bridge =S
Reached there, we had a drink...OWH YA, I was force to eat Wen's Roti Canai just because when  she asked me wants some, I said yes was just joking la.....Then she force me to finish 3 quarter of it =S

After that, went to get my car.....Anna wanted to drive.....and she DID....
OMG, she really scared the hell out of me =S 
Ask you, do you press the break-pedal a bit when you turn? ANS: OF COURSE YESSSSS
Do you accelerate when you turn? ANS: OF COURSE NOOOOO!!!!

Angeline, I think you got a competitor here...WAHAHAHHA

Then head home and sleeeeeeepppp....Reached home around almost 4 I think =)

Kristi did this....LOVE IT =)

I want another day of this...Miss u guys =/

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where & what is our home all about?

Its 3 something in the morning...and I'm still actively online....and by the way I'm in KFC...

What am I doing online so late? well, firstly it is because that I couldn't sleep...and another thing was reading those politician thingy about our country.....

916...Is there really gonna have a new government? We should just wait and see...I'm sure everything happens for a reason, as god know what is best for the people too =)

Alot of critics about our country and people had been made recently, its been seriously a chaos scenario... Whoever and whatsoever who make those remarks, it doesn't matter now... What matters its whatever which happened,  people learn from it and make best out of it...

Well, I saw this video in youtube... I think everyone of us should be like that and as all the politician as well....We're all human, we're all the same race...work for the best and work for everyone...

Check out the video

I think everyone of us should remember all of this word and act on it and give the best and be peace always to everyone and all the people in the world

Monday, September 15, 2008


Was going through my stuff when I was back in Penang..and I found something =)

I found 2 sheets of paper in my drawers... Although its just a piece of paper, then it kinda mean alot to me.... It reminds me of the old days that we had together....I miss it and I really miss everyone of u too..

Take a peek on it... 

They draw this for me for my birthday =) thank you =)

here's all the wishes they wrote on the piece of paper for me =)

Everyone of us is everywhere now....

Amy in US studying music
Jo Ann in LimKokWing
Daniel, I dunno where he is
Su Mei, I dunno where she is too =S sorrrryy
Sze Sheng in Reliance College
Yee Mun, she's in HELP too, but then I didn't meet up with her even once

and I'm in HELP studying Law...

I miss the old days....hope everything will be as last time, the fun, the joke and everything else =/

Thursday, September 11, 2008


OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Apple just came out with a new product....I know I'm an Apple's freak...but who cares *wink wink* omg!!!! click on it and check it out


OMG, i still can't believe Apple just came out with this product!! Its so darn freaking amazing! look at the features!!! Its so cool, so darn cool, really really really cool....

I WANT IT!!!!!!!

can some one buy for me? I told my mum about it and she said I'm crazy..."got a Classic dy some more want a Nano for what?!" 
BUT THEN, its really cool....


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Genting AGAIN =D

Yes....I went Genting again....HAHA...but this time was with my classmates YeeChien, Michael, Carmen, Tho Quin, Wilson, Bryan.......

The plan was, meet at Yee Chien's place at 6.30a.m......But then, I left my house around 6.10, then have to fetch Tho Quin.....I didn't know it will took me so long....We reached Yee Chien's place at 7a.m instead sorry for waiting for us, and Angeline, I don't need so long to figure out what to wear =P

After that, we went to fetch Carmen....Then we went to Burger King for breakfast...

After another 30 minutes of drive.....We reached Skyway, Genting finally... weeeeeee =D

On the way up there.....It was crazzzzzzzyyyyy =D look at the video then you will know what I mean....HAHAHAHA

This is on the way up....Carmen and Yee Chien were shouting like as if as they kena rapeeeee =D jk jk

This is when we're reaching Genting

If you guys notice, Wilson didn't make any single sound on the cable car.....Why? He was so scared till he's stone there....HAHAHA

She's so excited =)

on the way to First World Plaza to meet Bryan and his gf

She's so high..Look at her face =D

After meeting with Bryan.....We went in to the Theme Park first....

On the way to the so-called Dinosaurland....it sucks...I think

Us, in the so-called Dinosaurland

Poserrrrrr =D

He's suppose to count 1,2,3 BEFORE HE SNAP  =S

What are they doing??? =S

HAPPY FAMILY quote from someone...wahahhaha

After that, we went to Cock-Screw.....wowhohohohoho

Look at the innocent look =D......... awwwwwwwwwwww =D

Preparing to fllyyyyy =D

Look at my hair after the ride....hahah...nice? new fashion! haha

Then we Me & Yee Chien went for Solero Shot.....None of them wanna go, so only both of us went....Its not that scary la ppl....see the videooo

I'm the one with the white shoeeesss =)

Then we went for this stupid ride....Something space....pls don't go ppl, waste ur time only.....
mua & Carmen

Carmen is driving, she then knocked into YeeChien's "car"....and YeeChien's "car" couldn't move at all after that....wahahah

The gals on the carousel while waiting for us, the guys

After that, we went back at around 6 something....then went for dinner at Asian Cafe, Subang......

Overall, the trip was fun....everyone enjoy it I guesss HOPEFULLY ...