Sunday, January 31, 2010


oh yeaaaah...

I'm in Newcastle ppl!!! will be back to Liverpool by this Monday morning! and will update later on....
kinda tiring over here, I brought my laptop along and I planned to update and all....but the tiredness is killing me....! so be patience ppl!

Will be back sooon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sistaaa Visit


okkkkk.....Sister came and I just came back for a one day trip to London...I am super tiredddddddddddd =S

arrghhhhh!!!! =S

So we visited a few places la, when my sister came with the bf *Ken* and his friend *Wendy*

Andd u know what happened, his memory card decided to bail out from him by going all crazy...and he practicallly lost all of his picturesss =S

but thank God to Mac and some software of course, we managed to recover the picturess =)

Liverpool World Museum *just a few pictures*

Super Lambanana

Anfield *I managed to went into the dressing room and all sorts this time* thank God!

Gerrard hidding behind me! fuuuh.... =D

Liverpool World Museum & St. John Garden *I think =S*

Manchester *DIM SUMM* =D

all the eye la.....Liverpool and Manchester

Albert Dock....and everywhere else near there...

Christ the King, the church that I go to =)

Alright that's all