Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Freeeeddddooommmm, but....


ok....just let me conclude this, after hearing from my friends about other University and mine....Liverpool is crazy just crazy! *I think* I don't wanna talk about how bad is the exam.. =S arrgggh! I dunno how did I do and I don't wanna know too AT THE MOMENT, gonna pray hard and pray for the best la.. =/

Anyway, it is actually a bad week thus far...I mean, who would know I actually received another news from Malaysia....*worse than the retarded bombing in Malaysia*

A bunch of my junior from my high school....some tragic happened.... =(

The Articles from The Star
Chung Ling Mourns Tragedy
"GEORGE TOWN: The Chung Ling High School has shut down its dragon boat club activities until further notice.

The death of five students and a teacher cast a pall over the school yesterday as counsellors were brought in to assist students and teachers in need, especially the 12 survivors.

Classes went on as usual but the Monday blues was worse with news of the death of teacher Chin Aik Siang and the five students.

Earlier, more than 1,000 students observed a three-minute silence in the hall with teachers, PTA members and board of directors.

Some were spotted wiping their tears while others tried to stop themselves from crying.

A teacher asked the students not to clap upon the arrival of their board of directors to show respect for the deceased.

Principal Chua Yau Chou was choked with emotion as he announced the bad news to the school.

“I can understand the feeling of the parents and I feel sorry for them. It is deeply painful to lose them as I treated these students as my own children,” he told newsmen as he tried hard to hold back his tears.

Chua said he was ready to take responsibility should investigation show that the school was at fault.

“The board of directors, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and ex-students association will have a meeting on the matter before deciding on the next course of action.

Paying their respects: More than 1,000 students observing a threeminute silence at the Chung Ling High School hall in Penang yester - day.

“I will also be paying attention to our swimming club members who practise outside the school,” said Chua."

I seriously dunno what to say...first was my schoolmate, late James Khor....and now the bunch of juniors in my school....RIP..

One thing I could say about this...

Treasure Life

Love the one you Love

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