Monday, January 11, 2010

Bombing of Churches?

Now? Smashing people's car??

Ok.... this has just gone way out of hand...!! seriously!! When the news from Facebook, The Star, BBC, CNN and all sorts about the bombing of churches in KL, Johor and Malacca.... I said to myself, they are probably just some activist who wants to show how strong they are and all nonsense la... well we can't deny the facts that activist always react to situation like this....*although they are always the smart one APPARENTLY =S*

I was talking
to my aunt just now through Facebook and she was telling me that her car got smash in Damansara.... and I was like "WHAT THE
then she showed me the picture of it....

and look at the picture here....The heart sticker there, it's actually a Rosary.....WHen she asked a passer by, that guy said he saw a biker, smash her car and then just ran off........

and when she went for a police report....the police was like "oh no, it's not related to the bombing thingy...."
and my aunt was like "I didn't lost anything in the car, so if it's not that then it is what?"

seriously...this is too much la! anyway and anyway how people....just remove whatever it is that actually represent Christianity in your car.......I mean you're not denying your belief in God, you are just trying to protect yourself and your family...God will understand and God always understand.......

God Bless

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