Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Saturday & Sunday after Finals....

Arrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I dunno how to start about this post thou, but then I still need to figure out a way to start this post.... Soooooooooooo, here goessssss........

I woke up kinda early tooo......Why? My friend, Shuan-Shuang texted me and asked me wanna go Genting.....At first I was kinda lazy to out and all because I had been going out for like the past 3 days.... BUT then, in the end, I decided to go, because I don't wanna stay at home and do nothing....

Soooo, Genting here I comeee =D

We Shuang, Me, Pei Li(Shuang's friend), Chong(Pei Li's Bf), Melisa, John and Nic(Chong's friends from UK) meet at McDonalds some where near to The Curve..... We have our breakfast or I should say brunch there.... So after that, we headed to Gombak's LRT station....

The plan was to drive to Gombak's LRT station, park our car there, then take the Genting Shuttle Bus up there straight away.... So everything goes as plan, we got the tickets there and we just have to wait for like around 20 minutes for the bus...So we can consider ourself kinda lucky =) BUT THEN, the problem was we couldn't get any tickets back to the place that we parked our car...... So, we decided to just stick to the plan and try to get tickets at Genting, if worse to worse we couldn't get any tickets, we then just have to take cab back to get our car...

So when we were on the way there, the bus driver was crazy wei! He's like driving Formula 1's car while going up the hill.... Can you imagine a bus going up the hill on a curvy road on high speed?!!! =S  So after 45 minutes of craziness in the bus, we reached Genting SAFELY!! 

So when we reached Genting, we to makan again....We went to Kenny Rogers... and you know what, the Kenny Rogers in Genting SUCKS TO THE MAX WEI!!! The chicken is like so freaking small, its not even a chicken I think, the size is like a freaking small bird... and the Macaroni Cheese, the cheese doesn't taste like cheese at all....its just like something yellow in color only, no taste at all.... Kenny Rogers sucks man in Genting!!

After that, we walked around there for a while because we couldn't decide what to do or where to go.... Because its like the Guys wanna go to casino, and the Girls wanna go to the Theme Park... BUT THEN, I'm stuck in the middle, cause I wanna go to the casino but I'm not 21 year yet; at the same time, I wanna go to the Theme Park too because its like few years down since the last time I went to the Theme Park... =S     Soooo, because I'm not eligible to go in to the casino, the gals and me, we went to the Theme Park instead....

Halfway playing in the Outdoor Theme Park, IT RAIN!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! Cause you know why, we just played like 3 to 4 rides...... Because there's 3 law students there wahahahahaaha We went to complained about it, then the manager changed our Outdoor wrist band thingy to Indoor one...
Indoor Theme Park, on word to describe BOOOOORIINNNGGGG The only thing we can play was the bloody Bumper Car...and the queue was like so darn lonnggg.....and you know why it was so darn long, thankz to all the kids....They have a Junior and Adult's Bumper Car, but all the kids went up to the Adult's Bumper Car....Then why the hell they have a Junior's Bumper Car =S
After that, we gave up..... Went window shopping with the gals for a while till we meet up with the rest of them......After that, we went to Skyway and took the cable car down... 

After we reached KL and got our car, then I have to rushed all they way to KLCC to fetch my sister....
Went makan with my sis after fetching her...then home sweet home =)

Woke up really early again....Why? Need to drop my sister to the bus station and need to go to church its been months since the last time I went to church =S 
So went breakfast with my sis first.....Had curry mee at Lucky Garden, Bangsar....and it taste like crap weeiiii.......
After that dropped my sis, then went to church....

Nothing much I did after that....Went home straight away and watched Olympic....

At night, I'm freaking darn bored....My head almost grow mushroom =S darn bored!!!! 
Then I texted to Yee Chien....asked her wanna go makan or yam cha.... At first we planned to go to Cheras and find Joanne to makan or something... So while waiting for Yee Chien from her dinner, I switched on the tv...and there's F1 I'm a diehard Formula 1's Fan =D Sooo, I text Yee Chien and cancel the outing...ahhahahaa....SORRY =)

AND Kimi Raikkonen Formula One's Driver if you have no idea who he is his stupid Ferrari blowed up again! Bloody hell!!! =S

After that, went tidurrrrrrrrr =/

So as a conclusion, I kinda had fun in Genting but not much, nvm I'll be going with my friends again next Tuesday =D
Sunday was darn boringgg =/

Wait for my update again pppllllllllllllllllllllllllll  =D

Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd Day After Finals

Yeah!! 3rd day after exam, and we're still having fun! haha.... btw sorry for blogging the stuff like few days ago, BUT then u guys wouldn't want me to skip these few days.... Right right? =)

Again, they Yee Chien, Joanne, Michael and Tho Quin came over to my place for a swim....This time, they were not really late, they reached my place around 10 something... =)
So they came over, Joanne didn't want to swim at first, but then because of us, she then felt like swimming with us...But then thing was, she does not have any swim wear or extra clothes... and I'm a guy, obviously I do not have anything for her =S
After all of us keep tempting her to swim, in the end she decided to get some clothes from me to wear....lol So she did, and she's in the pool after that and she can actually wear my clothes and pants =S haha, she's not fat la k....

So after swimming, I went up to my house with the girls first one of them need to dry up their personal stuff, you know what laa =/ because they need to do some personal stuff... So they showered and do their stuff in my room...and I showered at my cousin's room instead....
After that, the guys came up and take their turn to shower instead.... lol

After swimming and showering, we went somewhere near to Tho Quin's house to makan...Then he dropped all us back to my place and went off because he need to be back home by then...

Then, we decided to drop by at One Utama for a movie.... The plan was I'll drive there and drop them back at my place after movie, so I went up to my house and take my car-keys...

When I got down from my house..this was what I saw =S


That's Joanne and Michael on the swing when I got down from my house =S

Here's a clearer look of both of them on the swingggggg =D

Where is Yee Chien???

She's so sad alone playing this there =(

See how sad she is till she is crazy laughing there =D

Sad gal =( LOL

Because of me is such a nice guy *perasan mia saya*, so I went to play with her =D

So that's me =D

They went on and play, play and play =D

Here's a Video of Michael and me at the playground, sadly, part of the video can't be view, but don't worry, u guys can continue watching or should I say listen to it, BECAUSE, there's a lot of weird and funny sound made by Yee Chien and Joanne =D

So after we went to One Utama for our movie, and we watched You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Well, to be honest about the movie, its pretty lame *Angeline you should have told us before we bought the ticket laaaaaaaaa* BUT, since we're so bored....I think its worth watching of all those lame and stupid jokes =/
After the movie, we wanted to meet up with Angeline, but then we just couldn't make it in time...Sorry Angeline =/
Then we walked around and ate ice cream I had "After 8" again, haha Then we went back to my place and we went home separately =)

Sooo, that's the 3rd day, and there's more to come ppl...HAHA =D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another long day after exam....

yeah! Another long day after exam....haha... I'm not complaining, but I'm juz enjoying to the max ppl! haha...and I'm loving it =D

So what did I do on Thursday after exam? Hmmm...... Was still sleeping till Carmen called me at 8 something in the morning... I thought she and the bunch of them Yee Chien, Michael, Tho Quinn, Wilson and Bryan are on the way to my house for swimming....BUT THEN, you know why she called? She called because she has no transport to The Curve later....And the best part is, she called because she couldn't get the person she wanted to call to, so she called me to complain..WTH wei, I'm still half way sleeping and ITS 8 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! ISHKKK!!!!!! lol, but then don't worry you still can call me to complain next time, I juz feel like bullying you here =P

Soooooo, after Carmen woke me up, I washed myself and went online to wait for them to call.... From, 8 something I waited till 9 something, from 9 something I waited till 10 something, from 10 something I waited till 11 something....From a bright and sunny day, I waited till it look a bit gloomy, from gloomy I waited till it rain heavily...... Imagine how long was that =S AT LAST, they called, and I thought they gonna say that they're at my house dy, BUT THENNNN, they said they are on the way to The Curve....There goes the swimming AGAIN.... =/

When I reached The Curve, they were already in Kim Gary i hate this shop So I went to meet them.....We had our lunch there... Nothing much happened there, but I had to wait for my food till like they were half way done with their food....Slow la them, see why I don't like the shop? THEY ARE SLOOWWWWW...

The highlight of this post is thissssssssssss

Why is it the highlight of this post? haha...BECAUSE, I think I was extremely HIGH and CRAZY in Redbox...
When we got into Redbox, everything was normal, we sat down, ordered our drinks, choose the music that we wanna sing...What else? hmmm, basically nothing special....
Sooooo, while we're singing, everyone got a bit high, is it because of the drinks? or the food in Kim Gary? =S
At 1st, Bryan was the crazy fellow, she started walking around on the sofa and then she started dancing and jumping around..OOOppssss I meant HE, probably he went to crazy that mistaken him as a SHE....... LOL =D

Then, ITS MY TURN TO GET HIGH, I was holding the mic for like the whole freaking 3 hours =/ sorry people, I think that's the after effect of going clubbing the day before =) and I was making those weird sound....and the best part was, or should I say worse part for my friends, sorry that was I was holding the mic the whole 3 hours and singing non-stop...lol =D

Then, it was Yee Chien turn, Bryan was laying down on the sofa, you know what did Yee Chien did after that, she went on top off Bryan *on top as in STANDING on top, not those type of ON TOP that u guys are thinking now* * hmmmm, bad ppl bad ppl, I'm sure u guys are darn horny, HAHHAHAHA, especially Bryan and Wilson, the horny ppl =D* So yeah, Bryan was making those weird sound until Michael wanted to take video to show his gf, then Bryan faster call Yee Chien to get down and stop it....HAHAHA HAHAHA, I know this part sound so darn wrong, but its funny la =D

So that's Redbox, OWH YA, I sang until Yee Chien snatched the mic away from me and stopped me from singing, so u guys imagine how crazy I was =D heheh.....

After Redbox, all of them came over to my place to swiimmmmmmm....
Only Tho Quinn and me knows how to swim, so we have to teach Wilson and Michael to swim....owh ya, the gals, they were juz sitting there and gossiping....and owh ya! There's a video they took of us swimming...I'll upload it as soon as I got it from Carmen =)
OWH OWH OWH, before that, the gals wanted to go online, so I brought my Mac and my Maxis's Broadband for them to go online....BUT THEN, they said Mac is too complicated =S and Carmen said they couldn't find the off button =S OMG, even Angeline she's so blur, she knows how to use Mac wei jk jk =D..HAHA........

Well, I'm gonna put a poll up there about Mac, make a vote ppl =)

After swimming and Redbox, Bryan, his gf, Yee Chien, Michael and me We went for steamboat at somewhere near to Kelana Jaya....

So thats all for nowwwwwwwww =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Victoria Station & P-A-R-T-Y !!!


haha, yeah! exam is done!! no more going college everyday to study, no more late night study, no more reading, no more waking at 3 or 4 in the morning to go college ad study =S , and of course NO MORE EXAM!!! I'm done with year 1 of Law ppl =D

yeah, all of us are so excited! Its like so fast of 7 months plus of classes and fun are all over! and we're actually gonna go into year 2 in next month time....Its so nice, but yet sad...why? Because, a bunch of our classmates gonna leave to UK in like next month time....well, people come and go....so yeah! but then, nonetheless, we went for VICTORIA STATION for a celebration of this immediately after our last paper!!! =D

SOOOOOOO, here is some picturessssss =D

hahaha, look what is he doing... look like he's praying before the meal...=D

what are they doing? =S

Escargot =)

hahaha...camwhoring =S haha, that's Joanne and ME =)

she's so desperate till keep on calling me to take her pic....HAHA jk jk =D

there, happy now Carmen? =) Your lovely picture of u have been taken =D
here are both of them again (Carmen, Yee Chien)

Bryan's Food

Tho Quinn's Food

Mua's Food =) Its nice thou =)

Michael's Food

Joanne's Food....Its Fish & Chips, dunno why she ordered F&C again, its like we always have that in Fish & Co. =S

Carmen's Food

what is she doing? =S

hahaha, Yee Chien admiring Carmen while she's eating =D

She's enjoying her food =)

yeah! haha, we kinda have fun thou!!! =D
After the meal, we then went to Midvalley...wanted to catch a movie, but then it was kinda late dy cause we have to go to another party...BBQ, Class Party...

Well, the party was nice, but we were kinda late to the party due to traffic jam.....but then who cares about that, the most important thing is all of us get to hang around =)

Owh ya, after party, its Coco Banana... Well, I was kinda late to there again...Why? Cause i was like freaking darn tired after the paper, lunch at Victoria Station, Midvalley and BBQ party...
But then for the sake of friends again...i went!!! =D
Haha, as usual was force to drink again! but i didn't get drunk at all =D
OWH YA, the thing that most amazed me was Yee Chien didn't get drunk at all =)
haha...so good gal la Yee Chien *I'm sure after she sees this right, she'll be darn perasan and ss lo* HAHAHHAA =D

Well, that's all for now...Will update again tomorrow...got a lot of things to blog about ppl =D


Friday, August 8, 2008


You know what, it has been weeks since the last time I seen my nephews until few days ago.....haha...the elder one, Kin Zheng, he have learn a lot of new words now... and HE STILL CAN REMEMBER ME.... Unlike the small one, Kin Hoe, he actually couldn't remember me...When I wanted to carry him, he almost cried out loud...OMG!! =(
AAaaaah....And the other day, when I went to see them...OMG, only then I noticed that I missed them so much.... =(

Owh ya, Genevieve, you will love my nephews when u see them...haha..trust me! 
Everyone love them....hahaha  Right right Angeline? WAhahaha.... 

Here are some pictures of them

 this is Kin Zheng, he used to be the rascal, but then now the younger brother, is worse than him =S

And here is the Big Brother again trying to be the next Chopin I guess..haha

This is when the younger one, Kin Hoe, when he's like few months old..TIGGER =)

HAHA, and this is when he's 7 months old.. Seeeee, how naughty he is...Give me this kinda look when I wanna take picture of him =/ (Kin Hoe, younger one)

These, I think should be 10 months old...haha (Kin Hoe, younger one)

Finally, these 4 are the latest one...He lost a lot of weight har...but then he's still the cutest! wahahaa... owh ya, he's 1 year old d =)   (Kin Hoe, younger one)

haha...don't you just love my nephews after seeing all these pictures? =)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Exammmmmmmm =/

EXAM coming EXAM coming EXAM coming!!!!!!!
Angeline, Mike, Joanne, Anna, Yee Chien, Wilson and whoever i missed out...haha 


owh ya....because of request from some friends...I'm gonna post my freaky-ugly-stupid-ass kinda look when I kena chicken pox...haha...

ADVICE: If you could not handle horror film, I suggest u to close this page immediately.. HAHA
Its horrible right right? owh sorry i meant "kan kan"?
Happy seeing the weird look and ugly side of me...haha..

And talking about exam again, my finals is like in 10 days more =S and i'm definitely gonna die soon =S
everyone is freaking out and of course I am too =S =S =S
I wonder which idiot started this whole stupid exam thingy...I think that guy who started this whole thingy, I think he's a pro-killer....or maybe he's a mad psycho human being who just enjoy torturing ppl from their life...sicko la that guy...haihzz
AND YA, for your information, you're so darn successful in torturing me!! happy? *stupid*

haha, sorry laa i think i'm juz so darn freaking stress laaaaaa...Aaaah help me help me!!!!

Owh ya, the other day, i text Angeline and was complaining that i'm so darn lazy and all...
and she tried to give me some motivation to study, instead i think i crap some nonsense to her
"living room is to watch tv, dining hall is to eat and room is to sleep" Is this funny? NO laa =/

AND, haha after that Joanne started to complained to me instead...HAHA...and thankz to Angeline, I don't have to think what to tell her..instead i juz said whatever Angeline told me to Joanne...HAHAHA

SEEE PPL!! How stress all the people! 1 advice, dont take law la, unless u're crazy like me and all of my classmates...

and yesterday was 31st and Baskin Robins got 31% discount...wah! waH!!!! cool right....
I'm sure the ppl who know me well will know that i'm so obsess with mint chocolate chips...
I wanted to buy Love Potion and Mint Chocolate Chips, but then the place which have Love Potion dont have Mint Chocolate Chips...SAD LAAA =(
owh ya, i think Baskin Robins is screwing up ppl's brain =S
Angeline: woot woot woot love potion
ME: DONE updating
        woot u then u know when i see u
Angeline: yayyy i wanna go read :P
                  nonno u must say woooooooot mint choc chippp
HAHA...see how successful they are in screwing up ppl's brain HAHAHAHA

One last thing, Good Luck to all the people out there who is gonna sit for their exam soon =)