Friday, August 8, 2008


You know what, it has been weeks since the last time I seen my nephews until few days ago.....haha...the elder one, Kin Zheng, he have learn a lot of new words now... and HE STILL CAN REMEMBER ME.... Unlike the small one, Kin Hoe, he actually couldn't remember me...When I wanted to carry him, he almost cried out loud...OMG!! =(
AAaaaah....And the other day, when I went to see them...OMG, only then I noticed that I missed them so much.... =(

Owh ya, Genevieve, you will love my nephews when u see me! 
Everyone love them....hahaha  Right right Angeline? WAhahaha.... 

Here are some pictures of them

 this is Kin Zheng, he used to be the rascal, but then now the younger brother, is worse than him =S

And here is the Big Brother again trying to be the next Chopin I guess..haha

This is when the younger one, Kin Hoe, when he's like few months old..TIGGER =)

HAHA, and this is when he's 7 months old.. Seeeee, how naughty he is...Give me this kinda look when I wanna take picture of him =/ (Kin Hoe, younger one)

These, I think should be 10 months old...haha (Kin Hoe, younger one)

Finally, these 4 are the latest one...He lost a lot of weight har...but then he's still the cutest! wahahaa... owh ya, he's 1 year old d =)   (Kin Hoe, younger one)

haha...don't you just love my nephews after seeing all these pictures? =)

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