Friday, August 1, 2008

Exammmmmmmm =/

EXAM coming EXAM coming EXAM coming!!!!!!!
Angeline, Mike, Joanne, Anna, Yee Chien, Wilson and whoever i missed out...haha 


owh ya....because of request from some friends...I'm gonna post my freaky-ugly-stupid-ass kinda look when I kena chicken pox...haha...

ADVICE: If you could not handle horror film, I suggest u to close this page immediately.. HAHA
Its horrible right right? owh sorry i meant "kan kan"?
Happy seeing the weird look and ugly side of me...haha..

And talking about exam again, my finals is like in 10 days more =S and i'm definitely gonna die soon =S
everyone is freaking out and of course I am too =S =S =S
I wonder which idiot started this whole stupid exam thingy...I think that guy who started this whole thingy, I think he's a pro-killer....or maybe he's a mad psycho human being who just enjoy torturing ppl from their life...sicko la that guy...haihzz
AND YA, for your information, you're so darn successful in torturing me!! happy? *stupid*

haha, sorry laa i think i'm juz so darn freaking stress laaaaaa...Aaaah help me help me!!!!

Owh ya, the other day, i text Angeline and was complaining that i'm so darn lazy and all...
and she tried to give me some motivation to study, instead i think i crap some nonsense to her
"living room is to watch tv, dining hall is to eat and room is to sleep" Is this funny? NO laa =/

AND, haha after that Joanne started to complained to me instead...HAHA...and thankz to Angeline, I don't have to think what to tell her..instead i juz said whatever Angeline told me to Joanne...HAHAHA

SEEE PPL!! How stress all the people! 1 advice, dont take law la, unless u're crazy like me and all of my classmates...

and yesterday was 31st and Baskin Robins got 31% discount...wah! waH!!!! cool right....
I'm sure the ppl who know me well will know that i'm so obsess with mint chocolate chips...
I wanted to buy Love Potion and Mint Chocolate Chips, but then the place which have Love Potion dont have Mint Chocolate Chips...SAD LAAA =(
owh ya, i think Baskin Robins is screwing up ppl's brain =S
Angeline: woot woot woot love potion
ME: DONE updating
        woot u then u know when i see u
Angeline: yayyy i wanna go read :P
                  nonno u must say woooooooot mint choc chippp
HAHA...see how successful they are in screwing up ppl's brain HAHAHAHA

One last thing, Good Luck to all the people out there who is gonna sit for their exam soon =)


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