Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pisa, Italy

Last spot for my 1 month plus of Europe trip

Well, Pisa...listen to me, you only need 2 hours or maybe 3 hours for Pisa..

Why??? BECAUSE, the only thing that u want to see and the ONLY thing that u get to see is the Pisa Leaning Tower...ok? so....get it? =P

and the famous Pisa leaning tower

A closer view of it...

Oh well, that's all

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vatican City

One advice

Do not go during summer if you want to see the Pope...Why? He will be away at his summer go whatever time u want, but definitely not during summer.. get it?

Here's some pictures...

Outside of the Vatican City
St. Peter's Square

and inside the St. Peter Basillica...

Basillica basically means Cathedral in general


It's a must go if u're in Rome

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anniversary for JIWEF + Amasvill

Exactly 1 year ago

1 year ago, we were all super excited for the Korea, China, and Hong Kong's trip....We were so super high waiting, queueing up at the airport, having breakfast, pre-tour rehearsal and was crazy i would say..... It was exactly a year ago......

Seoul and Jeju was awesome....until we got quarantine due to the effing ridiculous AH1N1.....but at the bright side, we bonded......from friends we became closer friends.....oh well, it was GREAT....that's the only word to describe.....

SO mark the awesome AH1N1, we decided to head to a korean restaurant to celebrate our tie 1 year ago =)

Daorae Korean BBQ
us waiting for the rest.....

Our awesomely nice food...

and was imported all the way back from Korea 1 year ago...hahahahaha

and us attacking the food

and the bill =S

and us
the Penang Wind Orchestra
I can't wait for Taiwan next year =D