Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally I'm a Graduate of University of Liverpool =D

After 3 years of hell.....

At last.....we're done with law! =D oh yeah!!!

Philharmonic Hall

and that's me!!!! =D
how was it?? well honestly speaking, the feeling was like...the 3 years of hardwork...and fun of course! =D it finally paid off..... =)

after the ceremony!
with Ms. Anne

and the only Malaysian...
yes, we're proud to say that

and the only jakun, who keep on doing this for like what...10 thousands times! =D

with my awesome PA in the middle...HAHAHAH =D

oh yeah! we were looking for Ms Wei Chan for freaking long...and we managed to get hold of her....she was at the Law Building already.....ganas siall! that was like freaking far away from Philharmonic Hall....

Then off to the Cathedral to meet up with Ms Chan....

The famous Red Brick Tower...

and again! =D

and this is it!

Finally I'm a graduate of University of Liverpool
sister's graduation at the bottom....

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