Wednesday, June 29, 2011

X-Men vs. Transformers

Imagine if they ACTUALLY film this movie?

Try imagining them talking...
Magneto: How dare you invade Planet Earth with all your Machines' armies?
Optimus Prime: We are not just some ordinary machines, we are Transformers!
Magneto: What? what Transformers? or you mean Transexual? hahaha!!
Optimus Prime: Enough said! Autobots, trans........
Magneto: Oh shut up! *crushed Optimus Prime with his power*

Good one har?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

illy Coffee Workshop

by TimeOutKL
@ Universita del caffe della Malesia

well, thanks to TimeOutKL, I got myself invites to illy Coffee Workshop! Was kinda excited about it...why? well, I'm always amazed about the fact that they could draw all sorts of drawing and what not on the served coffee in a restaurant! was so so so looking forward on that... =D

thanks to illy Coffee

So check out the place first..
Guess how much is this coffee machine? Over RM10k?!
and i was thinking of getting one when i get my own place...i guess not now? =S

our morning coffee before the workshop starts

After waiting for a bit...the workshops start....
well, of course we had to introduce ourself to everyone before it starts....
not too bad not too bad =)

check out the coffee bean before it was actually fried/steam/whatever u call it =S

this is the awesome storage container where illy Coffee kept their coffee
it's kinda cool how they keep it.....due to the fact that if coffee bean is released to the air by more than 4 hours, the fragrance of the beans will go off no matter how you keep it (either in fridge freezer and what not)
so they developed this thing where it is filled with nitrogen I think? just to make sure that the coffee bean would not be oxidised....
cool ha? i dont think u understand what i'm talking cause i dont even understand myself =S

this is the chart for a perfect espresso with illy Coffee's Beans

observing how to make a perfect shot of espresso

well, when i learnt how to make coffee long time ago...I thought any milk will do...

but guess what, i'm freaking wrong... =S

So now...
STEPS to make a perfect coffee
(1)to make a perfect coffee you need to use skim milk (a perfect coffee)

(2)and of course the grain of the coffee beans matter
it cannot be too fine or too rough...must be just nice..*complicated huh?*

(3) correct equipment
grainer is important just so you know....not every grainer will do a fine job cause of the finest of the grain....

(5) Perfect and Imperfect Coffee's some basic knowledge that YOU must know....
Look at the coffee with the heart shape...that's the actual coffee that should be made, if you get the coffee without the heart shape(the one beside the heart shape)..meaning that the coffee was made just for the sake of making...they did not use the correct and actual way...

So after listening to all the details about making FINALLY is my turn to try on the machine... =D

and walaaa! the perfect coffee!

aaahhh how nice to enjoy my own make coffee =D

then it's time to observe and learn some awesome coffee drawing skills...

The creation

Coool huh?

us mingling around before

before we call it a day!

Thanks TimeOutKL