Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Little Things that I'm Still Missing

went through some pictures during 2010
5 more days before I'm gonna decline my offer
oh well

Things been running through my head, and the only reason I'm still back in Malaysia is because my family....
ppl might say that, leave Malaysia is horrible and all...well i dunno, no matter what is it, how bad malaysia is....as long as my family is in Malaysia, Malaysia will still always be my home...and that's the only reason i'm staying back and gonna decline the offer...

Was going through some memories i would say and some pictures....and i guess it helps, for me make my decision and all =)

Some graduation pictures during my sis graduation in UK

Mum having a meal in one of my favourite Fish & Chips Liverpool

Short visit to Amsterdam before my graduation back in Liverpool
mum enjoying a hot dog =)

then back to Liverpool for my graduation

on the way to Bath

then off to London to my uncle place and some visit to places of course

and bye bye London and UK

Oh well

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