Sunday, June 12, 2011


on the way to Klang

Heard and seen it from about this i-City a few months back, wanted to go but didn't have the chance...

But finally, a visit from my friend from Penang, we decided to head to i-City...

After an 20 minutes drive at night (it's somewhere before Klang, you can see the road sign towards i-City if you use Federal Highway heading to the direction of Klang), and finally we reached

The queue was pretty long, entrance fees is 10 bucks per car...Imagine if you're driving a truck, and u fill the back with lots of ppl! WORTH IT SIAL!! haha

anyways, check out the pictures peeps!

and definitely you'll see me in lots of the pictures! =D
nice right this picture? XD

and of course this too! haha

Awesome right?

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