Friday, June 17, 2011

World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground

The World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground just in Malaysia!

Thanks to the social media and all, got to know about this event....Yes, CLP is freaking near, but come on! I need a break right? haha, so decided to head down to Plaza Low Yat to check out the historic event! hell yeah historic event!

you would know why i said so later! =D

here is mua in front of the entrance

Once we got there, we saw ppl queueing up? for what? to register themselves for this awesome event! well of course, i did register myself too in the end =P
waiting for our turn
and walaaaa! registered! and got labelled!!

check out the "playground"!
I would say Nokia did a fantastic job! the deco and all was good! really good
*coming from someone who has really high expectation on stuff, trust me! =D*

me being part of the "historic moment"!

the main stage where the emcee went on and on about the event!

ok now, let me tell what was the "historic event" la...
suspense right just now? =P
anyways, Malaysia tried to break the Guinness World Book of Record by having the most ppl playing the game "Angry Bird" in one particular area...
and just so u know! helll yeah we did it!
We carved awesome name/country on the book! XD

some of the "non-virtual" angry bird's game
just so u know, it looks easy, but it was freaking hard to play!
no kidding u!

and here is the Official from the Guinness World Book of Record from London announcing our awesome feat!

and waaaalllaaaaa!!!!!!
Malaysia with the awesome recognition below of our awesome feat!
YES, we carved our name on the Book!

ok...check out some pictures of the place before i "peace out"

peace out

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