Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have A Break, Have A.......

Exam is just around the corner....

This is what YOU should do when you're so bored of studying...

Draw something stupid with full of nonsense.....
Creation From: Bryan and MUA

Take a random picture of someone blur =D

Pray for me

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bit of the Gays

Gays are all over in my class
*shaking head*

Was having Ananth's class, Land Law, today...
Thankz to Syateer, btw HAPPY BITRHDAY!!!, Mr. Ananth decided to reward us with 2Qs for exams...*cheeeeeerssss*

And everyone knows that our Land's lecturer, he's like so darn interesting.....
but somehow today, he become a "sleeping pill" to someone...poor thing...HAHAHAHA =D

Check out the pictures...

a closer view of him =D

and talking about gay....
Check out this gay's couple wearing the same shirt....
Awwwwww...SO S-W-E-E-T!!!! =D
awwwwww...they're looking at each sweeeet!!! =D

Love The World & Love The People

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Talent? or Hardwork? or Gift?

Was at home the other day...was supposed to study......But then I ended watching tv.....
And somehow I stopped at Oprah.....

There was this gal, 16 from Philippines ...OMG, she's darn gooood...seriously.....

just watch the video.....
After Oprah, she got invited by Celine Dion to perform with her......

This was before the Oprah, Andrea Bocelli
The Person who is call the God of Voice, with Charice The Philippine's gal....

Talent is not everything
We need to work hard on whatever we desire...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things to....

Old days....

Was checking out Facebook's pictures..... AND
I found this =)

What is this?
Well, it's a picture of my whole schoolmates during my standard 6 in that school....

To be honest, I missed those days that we had....Me, Jeff, Charmaine, Marilynn, Choot, Allan, Wei Wei, Elaine, Penne and Tze Liang....Those days were the best ever seriously!!
Unlike now, we have to worry so much on studies! darrrnn!!
I missed it a lot!! and I'm so tired with studies nowadays!

Love it and cherish it....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. A-Z

Yes...I know, it should be like really long ago...

Anyway, I went to Jason Mraz's concert with June and Michelle last month 4th of March...

Before this, Jason Mraz to me, he's just a normal singer, like those really really really normal singer...I don't really fancy him, but I kinda like his song....

What I meant was, I like his songs, but I didn't know that his "live performance" was so good...
You will know what I mean later =)

Mua, June & Michelle
Btw, the stadium...DAMM HOT!!! we were sweating like mad! =/

Look at the crowd! Look at the while light! camera! everyone with a camera recording it!
I need a camera too! daammmm...
Dad, time to buy me one! =D

Jason Mraz with the Band....they were wearing Malaysia's Football Jersey...I think they do not know that Malaysian's football sucks to the MAX!!

And this was how he started the concert....
pls watch it....and you will seriously know how damm good he is!

I'm Yours.... favourite for everyone...i'm sure =)

I think you can hear Michelle and June's voice from this video....hahahaa =D


You can hear Michelle and June's voice here tooo....they were commenting =D 
hahaha...don't kill me! =D

So that's all for this...yes yes I know this should be century ago! hahaha
Anyway, Bryan there....You can see the video now =D

Make it mine

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why they ban chewing gum in Singapore...

Read on.... =)

A Singaporean was on holiday in Malaysia.....having his coffee, croissants, bread, butter & jam at the hotel's coffee house. A Malaysian man who was chewing gum, sat down next to him & started a casual conversation. 
Malaysian:  'You Singaporeans eat the whole bread?' 
Singaporean:  'Of course' 
Malaysian:  'We don't. In Malaysia , we only eat what's inside. The crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform them into croissants & sell them across to Singapore .' 
The Malaysian then had a smirk on his face while the Singaporean listened in silence. 
Malaysian:  'Do you eat the jam with the bread?' 
Singaporean:  'Of course' 
Malaysian (chuckling):  'We don't. In Malaysia , we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds & other left-over in a container, recycle them, transform them into jam,..... before we sell it across to Singapore .' 
This time, the Singaporean retorted: 'Do you have sex in Malaysia ?' 
Malaysian:  'Why, of course we do' 
Singaporean:  'Do you wear protection' 
Malaysian: 'Of course! We wear condoms.' 
Singaporean:  'And what do you do with the condoms once you've  used them?' 
Malaysian: 'Stupid question!!! Of course we throw them away.' 
Singaporean: 'We don't. In Singapore, the government secretly puts them in a container, recycle them, melt them down into chewing gum & sell them across to Malaysia......., and that's the real reason why we banned chewing gum in Singapore.'

So still gonna take chew gum? =D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Secret "Law Ball" at some Garden

Last month....

Last month, I've been spending like darn a lot....Especially the last 2 weeks of the month...
How much did I spend? I don't even dare to calculate =/

Anyway, had Law Ball at ShangRi La...Food=SUCKS TO THE MAX!!, People=AWESOME!!! =)

Before we leave.... The 2 gay bastard, so busy posing...
and the forced me to do dunno what stupid vince's pose...darnn =/

damm gay right?! haha

Yes, I was forced to do this....Look at my face, I'm smirking laa =/

After that, left Tho Quin's place.....
On the way....
We left around 5.30pm, and we reached there like 7.20pm
KL, the jam juz so dammm **** **

In the car

After we got there, there were not much ppl there we had to wait outside for kinda long... =/

Then, pictures time =D
This is me ONLY =)

Me & Stacey, she was gorgeous that night!

with Panjang aka. Ju-On aka. Yee Chien =)

with Liz

with June, she was really gorgeous that night too...

with Zhi Yan

with Jamie

The gayest picture EVER! haha... with Jeremy..

with Michelle Lee

my closest friend ever...Amanda Khoo =)

with Michelle Lau

with Sharmane.... her dress was really nice..seriously =)

with Joanne...Hantu kat bawah! =S

with Yoke Han

And now...random picturess =)

January Intake 2009

Ian Wong Kah Jun with Kah Jun aka Inspector Gadget (yes they have the same name) =D

Marissa, she was called for some dancing thing...which I do not know what is it for 

Lynn Performing with Dick...

Amir and Mr. Mark singing =D

what you doing la Sharmane?!!HAHAH   =D

I was forced by Juney to stand beside this SLOGGI thingy...haihzz..bad gal la u! =D

SCANDAL! hahahaa!!
Got caught making out!!!! hahaha!
juz saying ny! haha =D

the 2 Sher-Lynn/Sher-Lin

mua table of ppl =) with Ananth..

Thank God for the people...or else the night would be a disaster =)

Anyway after that, we wanted to go Murni...but then we ended up in McD instead...thankz to Bryan's phobia =D

Picture of the night!
We Gonna Rock UK ppl =D