Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. A-Z

Yes...I know, it should be like really long ago...

Anyway, I went to Jason Mraz's concert with June and Michelle last month 4th of March...

Before this, Jason Mraz to me, he's just a normal singer, like those really really really normal singer...I don't really fancy him, but I kinda like his song....

What I meant was, I like his songs, but I didn't know that his "live performance" was so good...
You will know what I mean later =)

Mua, June & Michelle
Btw, the stadium...DAMM HOT!!! we were sweating like mad! =/

Look at the crowd! Look at the while light! camera! everyone with a camera recording it!
I need a camera too! daammmm...
Dad, time to buy me one! =D

Jason Mraz with the Band....they were wearing Malaysia's Football Jersey...I think they do not know that Malaysian's football sucks to the MAX!!

And this was how he started the concert....
pls watch it....and you will seriously know how damm good he is!

I'm Yours.... favourite for everyone...i'm sure =)

I think you can hear Michelle and June's voice from this video....hahahaa =D


You can hear Michelle and June's voice here tooo....they were commenting =D 
hahaha...don't kill me! =D

So that's all for this...yes yes I know this should be century ago! hahaha
Anyway, Bryan there....You can see the video now =D

Make it mine

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