Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gump, Run Forest! Run!

Bubba Gump? Chew Gum?

Had a lunch with Bryan to celebrate his belated birthday...

Let the pictures do the talking =)

Bryan aka Gay Bastard aka THQ's husband...

Mojojojo & Sharmane ordered this...

Michael's food...

Mua, THQ & Yee Chien ordered this =)
It's nice......I ordered this too during Michelle's birthday...

Bryan & Wilson's food...GB GB GB!!! =D

Joanne : POSER!!!, Yee Chien : Greediness =D, Sharmane : What you staring la?! haha

She's gonna kill me if she see this! haha =D

The place....

That's allll for nowwwww......
Sorry kinda lazy least I update right??? =)

Deee Dumm Duuuuuuuum

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