Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A day off?

I didn't go to class today...why? when I got up this morning around 6....my head, it really was as if as it's gonna fall off! it was so darn pain!!! 
I guess it must be the stupid reading.....my insomnia I THOUGHT it wasn't there anymore..BUT THEN, yesterday after I got home, I couldn't sleep again! dammm! back to square one! haihzz..

what time did I sleep? around 4 something I guess...Amanda asked me why I didn't go to class, am I ok? haha...the reply was I study till 4 then only sleep, and she said, "no wonder you get headache! sleep earlier la!"

Well, talking about her, I text her before I went out...was wondering how's her assignment going, and her reply was "F*cked up!(sensor sensor,haha!) 1000 words. I'm screwed!"
And I was like what?!!!! because her due date it was like today and she's not even half done yet! dammm...so I rushed to her place and try to help her out! and when I got there, she was like, "I need to sleep for 30 minutes..wake me up when you finish reading my assignment"
after that sleeping beauty had her beauty sleep, we started trying to finish it up ASAP, until around 1 something because I need to by food for my granny in SS2......

THen, Eu JIn called, 
Eu Jin: BOOON, where are you? Jamie and Amanda they are crying?!!! I dunno what to do with them?! can u come here now!
Me: WHAT?!!! are you serious?! why are they crying?! i thought they are almost done?!! ok ok, I'm on the way there now...
Eu Jin: haha, no la...they are not la...they are juz panicking
I was like what?! stupid! haha =D

Got to college and waited for them...but ended up with Angeline in the library...haha, we talked for really long till her mum came...WE NEED SOME CATCH UP! haha =D

when I got home, my cousin....you got a letter, and I thought it was from Liverpool...haihz
mana tahu....
its this...

and I opened it...
the place which I went during my birthday!


and I was just asking from Sharmane for the picture the day before =)
God hears me =)

cutting the brownies...which the gym freak didn't even bother eating it at all..

Me, Angeline, THQ, Lynn & Sharmane

anyway, thank you for the dinner and the night again! =)

I need more off!!!

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