Saturday, March 14, 2009



It has been a while, not a while actually, it has been really long since I felt like this....

The feeling of keep thinking of, was back in years,
Never thought of this kinda feeling will be back as it is.

That, which makes me really missed and think of, every single seconds of my life back then,
I thought this feeling will not come again as I had wasted then.

Again, if one to have really remember of,
It will really tear of  my heart, pathetic one.

But now, it has all come back again,
It is the first in YEARS, since the longest I gain.

Talk with one particular friend, which she said "don't held back, the other might be in the same situation towards",
YES, confidence raised, but when sane and thought comes in, I know it might be just my own art.

The only thing that I am afraid of it is losing,
Me, failure is a process to learn, but losing, it is just pure dying.

exam exam exam.....
What the hell?!!! Is it because of all the stress which is building up every seconds, every minutes, and everyday?!!!


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