Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Penang...Penang oh Penang.....


Penang....what else other than food?

Wilson, Cheryl and YinYen came down for a day...went out...and YinYen got drunk! hahah =D

Had a BBQ at my place.... no pictures sorry, cause we were too busy eating! haha..
and Amy was literally "question" by my mum and grandma...haha..sorry =D

Yee Chien, the sis *Yee Ven* (i think that's the name) =S, the sis's bf *Teik Wai* (I'm not sure about the name either) =S and the sis's bf's friend *Ethan* (I'm very sure of his name) =D....came down to Penang.....went out to makan....and listen to Ethan the joker while chilling...haha =D

What else other than eating? orchestra rehearsal...haihzz

btw, went to Segafredo with my friends after rehearsal....
Found out about this....
it's darn nice! =)

and their cake only cost RM5 after 8PM! =D =D =D

Sakae Buffet...haha...
with Sze Sheng and Juin You(meatball) =D
the amount that 3 of us makan =D

I like the place...it look so different....
It's at Gurney Plaza's new wing btw...

Orchestra Performance....... =/

Maestro Martin Rutherford conducting....spot me? =)

Maestro Woon conducting..

Spot me now? =)

The cellist, percussionist and tuba player....

Nicole came to mua orchestra concert....was kinda suprised though! =D
btw, I didn't see her in person there...but she left me a message here saying that she went to see...
I hope you did enjoy it? =)

Btw, sorry la...lazy to elaborate much la...I'm juz updating for the sake of updating, cause it's been a while since I updated my blog....SORRRRRY....

Will be back here soooooooooooon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just Here to cheer you up again!

it's darn funny...pls read on =)

Memoirs of Institute of Mental Health (The leading mental hospital in Singapore)

Record I
Patient A: "So how.. this book not bad ya?"
Patient B
: "Excellent! Astounding work. No nonsense shit, sharp and
concise to the point. But there's a major flaw in this piece of art too
many character names to remember!!!"
Nurse: "Hey! Can the two of you..put the telephone book back to the
original place?"

Record II

One doctor asked a patient: "If I were to cut one of your ear off,

what will happen to you?"

"Then I will not be able to hear..."
"Hmm.. that's normal...So if I were to cut your other ear

off, what will happen to you?"
"Then I will not be able to see..."
The doctor became nervous and asked: "Why would you not see then???"

: "Because my spectacles will drop down..."

Record III

IMH has an old lady who wears black everyday, carries a black umbrella
and squats @ the entrance to the IMH everyday without fail, rain or shine.
The doctor wanted to administer treatment for her and decided to start
by understanding her behaviour.
So, the doctor also wear black and carries a black umbrella; squatted
outside together just next to her, rain or shine, everyday without fail.
So..days goes by...the two of them squatted side-by-side w/o a single
exchange of words..for one solid month...
One fine day..the old lady finally broke the silence and asked the
doctor: "Err...Excuse me! Are you also a mushroom?"

Record IV

A nurse saw a patient writing a letter... She got curious and went to
take a peek.. But the patient didn't wanna let her see.

(unable to contain her curiosity): "Who are you writing to?"
: "I'm writing a letter to myself...."
Her curiosity grew and she thought to herself (Why would someone

write a letter to himself?)
So she asked again: "So...what's written inside?">

(got impatient): "You crazy ah? I haven't receive the letter,

how would I know??"

Record V

Two patients escape from the IMH. They climbed up a tree and one

of them fell from the tree and started rolling on the ground.
After a while, the patient rolling shouted to the top: "Hey! How

come you are not coming down yet?"
The patient ontop replied: "No..no..I can't...I'm not ripe yet"

Record VI

One patient visited the doctor: "Doc...how? I think I'm a chicken

since I was born..."
Doctor: "Woah! that's very serious...Why do you only come and

seek treatment now?"
Patient: "Because my family needs me to hatch the eggs..."

Record VII

One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to IMH.
He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home after

unloading the stuff. He jacked up the truck and took the flat
tyre down. When he was about to fix on the new tyre, he had
accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain.
The truck driver was very sad as he can't fished the bolts

up; started to panick.

Coincidentally, one patient walk past and asked the driver what
happened. The driver thought to himself, since there's nothing

much he can do, he told the patient the whole incident.

The patient nonchantly replied: "can't even fix such a simple

problem...no wonder you are destined to be a truck driver..." he
goes on explaining:

"You just have to take one bolt each from the other 3 tyres

and fix it onto this tyre. Drive to the nearest workshop and
replace the missing ones"

The driver was very impressed and asked "You're so smart

but why do you stay in IMH?"

Patient replied: "I stay here because I'm crazy not STUPID!"

(Prefect...Nuts & Bolts)

Nice one right? =D

Monday, June 15, 2009

duuu daaa deeeeeee


Shalini came down to kl....and, her usual la, asked me to go clubbing with them.... =/
and so I went...

The night was awesome...haha..
well, when I was drinking the second glass, I was already feeling kinda shitty... and u know what, i still continue drinking like nobody business...

and guess what, thankz to SOMEONE, I was practically wasted that night =/
hahaha...first time, and it's gonna be the last time! 

check out the pictures below! I guess u'll start laughing at me! 
Look at my shirt...It's not sweat, it's WATERRR, I was trying to wash my face and somehow I dunno what happened...hahaha...
and Amanda told me, I was kinda dead dy when I got out from the toilet...BUT THEN, when Hanna asked me to take a picture with them, I literally came to life again and pose there! =D haha

and next
hahaha yes!!! the car was moving......and I stuck my head out from the car from Subang till HELP's hostel to get my car....haha

well, overall, it was a great night la! but I'm so not gonna get wasted again! 

and this, got this picture earlier that day.....we were in Little Vietnam I think..
Never thought of eating there actually, never like the place somehow....
but apparently the food it's kinda nice and it's not pricey at all
u ppl should try it one day...it's in Midvalley btw =)

and this, day after clubbing....
went for movie in Pavillion....before that went Subang to chill....owh ya! pls pls! never ever travel from Subang from 7 something onwards to wherever u want...I almost died in the car that day! I was stuck in the jam from 7 something till 9 till I reach Pavillion! IT WAS CRAZZZZYY!!!! =S
and we catch a movie....

Drag Me to Hell
pls pls pls pls!! pls never ever watch this movie!
it's really stupid! I was laughing all the way, but I got scared in a few parts of the movie la...but then, overall, it's damm stupid the movie, it doesn't make sense at all...and can u imagine the Spirit dancing gypsy? =S it's so =S and it's not scary at all the movie seriously, but it's darn disgusting laa....
ANYWAY, just don't waste ur money and watch it la! it's STUPID!!!

after movie, Devi's in Bangsar....
Shalini was so sleepy dy...UNTIL she found out my phone has Sudoku...and the next thing, she was so occupied with my phone! hahaha
look at her =D
and us impersonating her! hahaha =D

well, it was a great weekends! haha
owh ya, yesterday night! can u imagine when I got home around 3 something, my cousin's friends were around, and we started drinking and eating since like what 4 something till 10 something? =S

Seriously, I don't feel like drinking at all yesterday but my cousssiiiiin, u just can't say no to him =S
probably I stilll dunno how to say no! =/

I had a blast!
how about u? =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Things that makes my life interesting..


Mua orchestra will be having a concert on the 26th of June 2009.....
and I'm performing as well of course! come to support! =)

Penang Symphony Orchestra
proudly presents
- Highlighs of the Phantom of the Opera
- Superman
- Pomp & Circumstances No.4
- West Side Story
- Strangers in the Night
- The Dam Busters
- Farandole
- An Evening of Pops
and much moreeee.....

Date: 26th of June 2009
Time: 8.15pm
Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang

Ticket Price at RM20 or RM30...... can leave a comment here if any are interested! =)

Do come and support!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100th Post!

Yup! THis is my 100th post! YEAH!! =D

Anyway, juz got home from Midvalley....

and guess what, while going to get my car, I decided to go to toilet first.....and guess who I met, AMY TAN!! my lovely cousin! haha...I was so suprised, and she was like, "how do u know i'm here?" i was like "har?!" hahaa....

Anyway, let's talk about Penang......
well, Penang...how's Penang? well, Penang is B-O-R-I-N-G!!! why? cause I don't know what's wrong with me? somehow I'm just too lazy to go out everyday...ishkkk =/

But I love the fridays and weekends...why? ORCHESTRA PRACTICE!! yeah! =D
well, although it's hectic and all, still I love it cause it's music =)

Anyway...check out the pictures!

Salsa after rehearsal!
the starter...

Sheng Li, Wai Khey and Muaaaa =D

US! orchestra's mates...spot me?

Boon Yew's lunch!

this is mine......well, to be honest, it looks really dull, and sucky..BUT, it's damm nice seriously =)

Wai Khey's lunch....


And guess what how much is it for the whole course of meal?
it's only RM13.50!!!! damm cheap right? u guys should try it seriously! =)

Then, met up with my old college's friends

Sunset Bistro

what u doing la?! haha

and we decided to throw Diana somewhere far!  =D

what u guys doing?! =S dont like right =S

There will be much more update...I HOPE =/

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back

I'm always not on the net when I'm back in Penang.....dunno why =/

Anyway, haha.....let me update abit my life after exam, and I'll update stuff about Penang after this post! =D

I can't believe that I'm  actually done in HELP and I'm preparing to go UK, although my result is not out yet *praying praying that I can get my grades*....

ANYWAY, life after exam, well it's not that happening afterall... 
but went out and chill with my friends...although it's not anything HAPPENING, but i guess the company matters =)

Lala Chong after last paper
sorry Stacey that we ditched u to another table...

wowwwww =)

us =)

Classmates =)

After that craziness! It was Amanda's birthday! we did a little suprise for her =D

they were posing even when we just got there *shaking head* LOL

Guess what, the stupid cake slided....and we were trying so hard to fix the cake....
Sorry Amanda =/

Planning what to do and all.....but Jamie got busted way before the suprise =/

Amanda: I saw u, Jamie, behind the bushes!

awwwwww....finally u're 21! haha =D

The Cake 

JAMIE! what u doing laaaa....hahaha

Hanna, what u doing?! hahaha so bad la!

THen, sishaa....

okkk....that's all for Amanda's birthday!

Then some pathetic night out!

Welll, we wanted to go Genting, but ended up in Asian Heritage Row....

Posing la of course =D
Yee Chien's act cute pose! haha

Some stupid gym-poser-type-of-post! =D

Them, Lynn & Yee Chien try to be ghost =S

Well, alright!!! that's all! will update about Penang soon!