Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Back

I'm always not on the net when I'm back in Penang.....dunno why =/

Anyway, haha.....let me update abit my life after exam, and I'll update stuff about Penang after this post! =D

I can't believe that I'm  actually done in HELP and I'm preparing to go UK, although my result is not out yet *praying praying that I can get my grades*....

ANYWAY, life after exam, well it's not that happening afterall... 
but went out and chill with my friends...although it's not anything HAPPENING, but i guess the company matters =)

Lala Chong after last paper
sorry Stacey that we ditched u to another table...

wowwwww =)

us =)

Classmates =)

After that craziness! It was Amanda's birthday! we did a little suprise for her =D

they were posing even when we just got there *shaking head* LOL

Guess what, the stupid cake slided....and we were trying so hard to fix the cake....
Sorry Amanda =/

Planning what to do and all.....but Jamie got busted way before the suprise =/

Amanda: I saw u, Jamie, behind the bushes!

awwwwww....finally u're 21! haha =D

The Cake 

JAMIE! what u doing laaaa....hahaha

Hanna, what u doing?! hahaha so bad la!

THen, sishaa....

okkk....that's all for Amanda's birthday!

Then some pathetic night out!

Welll, we wanted to go Genting, but ended up in Asian Heritage Row....

Posing la of course =D
Yee Chien's act cute pose! haha

Some stupid gym-poser-type-of-post! =D

Them, Lynn & Yee Chien try to be ghost =S

Well, alright!!! that's all! will update about Penang soon!

HELP UC DEPARTMENT OF LAW, Class of 2009 =) 

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