Monday, June 15, 2009

duuu daaa deeeeeee


Shalini came down to kl....and, her usual la, asked me to go clubbing with them.... =/
and so I went...

The night was awesome...haha..
well, when I was drinking the second glass, I was already feeling kinda shitty... and u know what, i still continue drinking like nobody business...

and guess what, thankz to SOMEONE, I was practically wasted that night =/
hahaha...first time, and it's gonna be the last time! 

check out the pictures below! I guess u'll start laughing at me! 
Look at my shirt...It's not sweat, it's WATERRR, I was trying to wash my face and somehow I dunno what happened...hahaha...
and Amanda told me, I was kinda dead dy when I got out from the toilet...BUT THEN, when Hanna asked me to take a picture with them, I literally came to life again and pose there! =D haha

and next
hahaha yes!!! the car was moving......and I stuck my head out from the car from Subang till HELP's hostel to get my car....haha

well, overall, it was a great night la! but I'm so not gonna get wasted again! 

and this, got this picture earlier that day.....we were in Little Vietnam I think..
Never thought of eating there actually, never like the place somehow....
but apparently the food it's kinda nice and it's not pricey at all
u ppl should try it one's in Midvalley btw =)

and this, day after clubbing....
went for movie in Pavillion....before that went Subang to chill....owh ya! pls pls! never ever travel from Subang from 7 something onwards to wherever u want...I almost died in the car that day! I was stuck in the jam from 7 something till 9 till I reach Pavillion! IT WAS CRAZZZZYY!!!! =S
and we catch a movie....

Drag Me to Hell
pls pls pls pls!! pls never ever watch this movie!
it's really stupid! I was laughing all the way, but I got scared in a few parts of the movie la...but then, overall, it's damm stupid the movie, it doesn't make sense at all...and can u imagine the Spirit dancing gypsy? =S it's so =S and it's not scary at all the movie seriously, but it's darn disgusting laa....
ANYWAY, just don't waste ur money and watch it la! it's STUPID!!!

after movie, Devi's in Bangsar....
Shalini was so sleepy dy...UNTIL she found out my phone has Sudoku...and the next thing, she was so occupied with my phone! hahaha
look at her =D
and us impersonating her! hahaha =D

well, it was a great weekends! haha
owh ya, yesterday night! can u imagine when I got home around 3 something, my cousin's friends were around, and we started drinking and eating since like what 4 something till 10 something? =S

Seriously, I don't feel like drinking at all yesterday but my cousssiiiiin, u just can't say no to him =S
probably I stilll dunno how to say no! =/

I had a blast!
how about u? =)

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