Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100th Post!

Yup! THis is my 100th post! YEAH!! =D

Anyway, juz got home from Midvalley....

and guess what, while going to get my car, I decided to go to toilet first.....and guess who I met, AMY TAN!! my lovely cousin! haha...I was so suprised, and she was like, "how do u know i'm here?" i was like "har?!" hahaa....

Anyway, let's talk about Penang......
well,'s Penang? well, Penang is B-O-R-I-N-G!!! why? cause I don't know what's wrong with me? somehow I'm just too lazy to go out everyday...ishkkk =/

But I love the fridays and weekends...why? ORCHESTRA PRACTICE!! yeah! =D
well, although it's hectic and all, still I love it cause it's music =)

Anyway...check out the pictures!

Salsa after rehearsal!
the starter...

Sheng Li, Wai Khey and Muaaaa =D

US! orchestra's me?

Boon Yew's lunch!

this is mine......well, to be honest, it looks really dull, and sucky..BUT, it's damm nice seriously =)

Wai Khey's lunch....


And guess what how much is it for the whole course of meal?
it's only RM13.50!!!! damm cheap right? u guys should try it seriously! =)

Then, met up with my old college's friends

Sunset Bistro

what u doing la?! haha

and we decided to throw Diana somewhere far!  =D

what u guys doing?! =S dont like right =S

There will be much more update...I HOPE =/

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