Saturday, March 31, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia 2012

All the way in Malaysia

Future Music Festival Asia 2012, was epic to me! Like serious epic! XD The whole thing was from 2.00pm till 3.00am...But I only got there around was still crazy hot! =S

The Future is NOW...Love this tag line!
and yeah! the future of the music was there! Future of having the best rave ever was just right after the sign-board =P

The Lay out of the stages...and direction to EVERYWHERE

Souvenirs, food

Even Starbucks!

One of the main stage!
Just check out all the acts

Potbellez in the house yo!

Up next.....
Flo Rida

Well, they rocked the stage of course! Come one man! they are Flo Rida! haha

Look the crowd! fulamakkk

and featuring our very own Mizz Nina!

Flo Rida went on to the crowd! like literally

 Check out the video how they rocked the stage!

half time...with some food

off to the other side...other stages....beautiful

Gravity yo!

Lovely isn't it?!

Oh ya....gotten a first class ticket...hence first class lounge! XD

Air-conditioned! LOL

Back to party yo!

Party people! XD

Next stop....
Sneaky Sound System

Then off to some entertainment for ourselves....

what's that?! reverse bungy! XD

and the party people!

What's next?!