Friday, March 23, 2012

Al-Amar Express, Farenheitt 88

Let's Meet Up After Work at Al-Amar Express!

Al-Amar Express
Al-Amar Express holds an enviable position being poised on the sidewalk of Jalan Bukit 
Bintang right in front of the main entrance of Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall which was officially opened in November 2010.

A modern, hip and contemporary space with cozy furniture custom-designed especially for  the restaurant, where textures and colors of the interior come in a soft soothing shades of  cream and beige, with wooden floor and touches of Al-Amar’s signature stamp of red.

The exterior side of the restaurant has been modeled using a large expanse of glass walls where customers can enjoy watching the busy crowds of KL stroll by..... 

Suspended from the high ceiling are numerous black wire chandeliers that gives a soft shimmering glow.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 80 persons and has both indoor and alfresco dining areas. Guests can also choose from an extensive range of fruit flavored Shishas on the  veranda while listening to hip chill-out lounge music. 

The menu consists of a combination of Lebanese wraps, healthy sandwiches, chawarmas, salads and Manakeesh (Lebanese pizzas).
and of course awesome drinks like this!

all of those were prepared by this awesome person!

Nonetheless, the food that was mentioned above....finger food that is perfectly nice for after work...not too heavy but yet satisfying for the tummy =D

oh yaaa...!! plus point about that place is that the waitress looks quite cute =P
how can you say no to such cute waitress (left) serving you with food... =P

and of course dessert as well!
Tiramisu and chocolate cake

Lovely place to dine at as well....
Look at the pictures below, smiley face FTW yo after a long day of work...

then the cheeky-ness kicks in! haha *blame the alcohol*

and by the way, they serves really nice Shisha! not kidding u, super smooth and the taste was enough!

like aunty right? like those gangster tai ka che! XD

mine?! haha dragon breathing out smoke! BEWARE! XD

Besides their attractive lunch combos and dinner, Al-Amar Express is also open for breakfast and serves a wide array of Lebanese pastries offering diners an alternative to the usual western or continental options. Prices start from RM8 - RM25 per dish.

And now for you awesome people, Al-Amar Express has Happy Hour promotion for all you sophisticated workaholics out there! You can now buy 2 chilled bottles of beers and get another for FREE from 4pm - 8pm everyday! Same goes to the tall sexy glasses of lip smacking cocktails as well! 
Buy 2 and get 1 FREE!

Let’s meet up after work at Al-Amar Express today! 

So how do you get there?
Al-Amar Express, Fahrenheit88 (Just opposite Pavilion, beside Star Hill)

For reservation and inquiry, please call +603 - 2141 3814

By the way peeps, Al-Amar Express is open until 5am every Friday and Saturday nights. Definitely a great after-party spot not only for the drinks,  and also healthy quick bites for supper to fill your tummy with! So no more mamak, Al-Amar Express FTW!

Let’s meet up after work at Al-Amar Express today! 


choi yen said...

oh...u call S.Ying aunty!!!

Nikel Khor said...

Mamak is much more cheaper then this..haha

SyingK said...

YALOR!! Why AUNTY! :'(

Jessy said...

Shisha no good ah... lol!