Saturday, March 10, 2012

DiGi Fandroid Day

DiGi Fandroid Day
Android Fans United

Thanks to nuffnang, got an invite to this awesome DiGi Fandroid Day!
Thank you....
The whole thing was for us to learn more about the exciting capabilities of the Ice Cream Sandwich, also check out the latest Android devices available with DiGi, and learn more about DiGi’s network modernization project

the me? =D

the emcee for the day...

We started of we some ice-breaking game - Fruit Ninja!

the winners! Unfortunately I'm not one of them...oh well =/

Su Lynn from DiGi explaining to us what is DiGi's future plans, ie modernization plans in the future.....

The Tomorrow Network Project

Just so you know, LTE, ie 4G is coming to Malaysia soon! and DiGi would be ready as the first provider in Malaysia.....IT'S ABOUT TIME, LTE! XD

Representative from Google Malaysia and Samsung Malaysia

after all the talk and's time to check out the gadgets

and a tour around DiGi's D’house - the place where give you the best DiGi service that you're getting right now!

Love this! Positive energy to yourself for work everyday! =D

and this is their service team! freaking 2 floors wei! no wonder they pick up so fast when you have queries! not bad DiGi, not bad! keep it up!

Always the smarter choice!

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