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Gridiron Sports Cafe & Lounge, Bangsar

Sports Cafe & Lounge

Gridiron is located in the swanky neighborhood of Bangsar Baru, Gridiron encompasses the trifecta of creature comforts; game watching, groovy tunes and upscale pub grub and beer. The ambiance boasts the lounge’s 360 degree angle of sports viewing in a lounge that has been engineered as the living room you so richly deserve. With 33 screens broadcasting the complete sports package, every sports fan can bask into lounge chairs that boast poise and comfort, nosh on scrumptious meals and toss back some classic cold ones.

For the nights to wind down the hard day’s work, groovy tunes are carefully selected to treat every music enthusiast to the ultimate wind down nights. It is hot enough for you let down your hair on a Friday night and cool enough to saunter in with the family for the weekend games.

Check out how does the place looks like...
Super lots of tv(s) all over right?!

Furthermore, for football fanatic, they have an schedule of football matches as well!

The food here, emphasize freshness, quality of ingredients and classic cooking styles, Gridiron’s menu encompasses an assortment of dishes that bring back delicious into dining. While the hearty soul digs into classic burgers & grilled tenderloins, the fine diner can take flavor in delectable pastas or an exotic serving of Peri Peri Chicken and pair it up with the perfect wine. Our wine list boasts a fine selection, mostly from boutique wineries producing quality small lot wines not easily found.

Drinks that they serves
Mojitos, Beers, Cocktails...you name it!
The price of the drinks range around...
glass - RM12 nett
pint - RM14 nett
Jug - RM40 nett 
Guinness OR Kilkenny
glass - RM14
pint - RM16
 Long Island / Mojito / Margarita
2 for RM30 nett
2 for RM27 nett

and food....
Crunchy Spicy Squid  RM16 (left); Creamy Mushroom Soup  RM11 (right)
Crunchy Spicy Squid was not too bad for a starer. It is served with Thai chili sauce. What I like about this is that it is still really crunchy no matter how long we left on the table..excellent.
 Creamy Mushroom Soup is a rich blend of mushrooms and cream, served with fresh baguette. Well trust, it is REALLY creamy! XD

Lamb Vindaloo  RM18 (left); Roast Beef Sandwich  RM18 (right)
Lamb Vindaloo  is a curried lamb served fresh baguette. What I like about this dish is the lamb was cooked perfectly nice. It was too hard, because you do know if a lamb is overcooked it would be pretty hard to chew. But this, just nice. The curry flavour was rich as well!
Roast Beef Sandwich makes out of roasted beef slices, mixed leaf salad & horseradish dressing, serve with fries. Pretty decent. Not too bad for a snack.

Classic GI Burger RM22 (left); Shepherds Pie RM25 (right)
Classic GI Burger is a choice of grilled beef or chicken patty, served with salad and fries. I like the whole idea of the way the serves it, on top of a chopping board instead. But all and all, it sort of reminds me the burgers serves in UK. Patty was nicely done and juicy. 
Shepherds Pie made out of minced lamb, carrots, leek and peas, topped with mashed potatoes, served with a side of steamed veggies.

Peri-peri Chicken  RM25 (left); Fish & Chips  RM25 (right)
 Peri-peri Chicken is a half chicken roasted with herbs, served with fries, salad and peri-peri sauce. As for the Fish & Chips, its fish fillet dipped in beer batter, served with mushy peas and fries. It totally reminds me of the awesome Fish & Chips that I always had in Liverpool.

Steak & Fries  RM40 (left); Aglio Olio  RM23 (right)
Steak & Fries . A grilled fillet of lion steak served with peppercorn, red wine gravy and fries. The beef was definitely nicely done, it would be better with some sauce though. But the mushroom at the bottom, was cooked with butter I think, nice! As for Aglio Olio was done by way of sauteed with olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and shrimp. Not too bad I would say.

On a side note, they do have pool table around the place as well.
Check out the next Jimmy White in the making yo!

Beef Bolognese  RM25 
With homemade Bolognese sauce... Pretty decent..

Chocolate Brownie  RM12
Served with chocolate sauce and ice-cream. Not too sweet, which is the way I like!

Just so you know....they have...
Happy Hour All Night Long!!

ONLY every Monday, Thursday & Sunday!
(other days Happy Hour starts from 4pm-8pm)

Tuesday - Quiz Night with prizes to be won (see below)
Wednesday night - Ladies Night (2 FREE cocktails)
Friday - DJ spins from 10pm to 12am

what else...
Prizes for Quiz Night!
Each round winner - RM50 cash
2nd place
- A pint of Tiger
Overall Winner (After 3 rounds)
- 1st: RM150 cash
- 2nd: 1 bottle white
- 3rd: 1 bottle red

and they have Lucky Draw too!
RM50 voucher - 1st place

So how do you get there?
GRIDiRON Sports Cafe & Lounge 
No.11-15, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Do check it out yo!

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