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Ryokan Chic Hostels, Penang

Ryokan Chic Hostels

If you are looking for some twist of culture and a hint of luxury powered by modern technology.
From a flashpacker to another, this is what they offer here!
Ryokan Chic Hostels
If you are thinking of Japanese, flashpacking and modern technology. Sum it all up, and you get a chic hostel called Ryokan. Ryokan's first hostel in Malaysia is located at Muntri Street, Georgetown Penang. Proudly proclaimed as the first flashpacker hostel in Malaysia, its boutique hostel redefines the true meaning of flashpacking by providing affordable accommodation in a chic environment which guarantees fun, comfort and security.

The attractive location, right in the middle of the UNESCO heritage zone is also part of the hostel's charm. Surrounded with a picturesque heritage architecture and historical places of interest. Ryokan is the perfect accommodation for your visit to Penang.

The name Ryokan is derived from the traditional 'Japanese Inn' which originated in the Edo period (1603-1868), the age when shoguns from the Tokugawa family and samurai were chopping heads in Japan. The traditional "Inns" are known for their refined design, excellent cuisine and an all-round cultural heritage. Our concept is unique because it's adopted from the 'Japanese Inn' but blended with the modern day features of chic boutique hotels. By providing hi-tech facilities, top-end comfort and exceptional design

You must be wondering how would I know about this nice hostel right? Well, somewhere in Chinese New Year, me and a bunch of friends, we were pretty bored and we decided to do something random, get a hostel room and stay like those foreigners in a backpacker lounge! haha yes i know it was darn random! XD

Check out the place!
This is basically how it looks like downstairs, the reception area and bar..
pretty decent right? =)

they do serves beverages as well..

so let's go upstairs now

the "Chillax Corner" for the guest...damn cozy right? I think I don't need a room anymore, can just sleep outside! haha

Reading Corner

The Shower Room...super clean, and shampoo and body shampoo provided! save cost! haha

So how much you must be wondering you're looking at right?
The room price range from RM 33.00 to RM 68.00 depending of what type bed you're looking for...

Their room types;
  • The Luxury (2 Beds Suite)
  • The Loft (6 Beds Mixed Dorm)
  • The Classic (4 Beds Mixed Dorm)
  • The Classic (4 Beds Mixed Dorm)
  • The Classic (4 Beds Mixed Dorm)
  • The Chic (4 Beds Female Dorm)
  • The Sunrise (6 Beds Mixed Dorm)
And where is it?
Ryokan @ Muntri Street
62 Muntri Street
10200 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604 - 250 0287     
Fax: +604 - 250 0288

Website: or; 
you can always email them at

Nice aight?
Hostel FTW over Hotel!

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