Friday, March 16, 2012

TDH 5km Night Run 3.0 "Konfirm! Mou Man Tai"

5km Night Run

TDH 5km Night Run 3.0 "Konfirm! Mou Man Tai"

Yup, once I got the news that there is this 5km run organised by TDH and the best part was with RM30 gets you a free exclusive DRY-FIT TDH Konfirm "MOU MAN TAI" T-shirt, pre-run drinks and a FREE-FLOW after the run. So why not?! =P
Alcoholic it is! XD

Check out the route....seems pretty easy =)

Checklist by TDH...bring a smile seriously?! haha
maybe smile to the free-flow alcohol after the run la =P

So people was there as early as 4 something, although the run starts at 6.30pm

Maybe they are there just for the TDH's Special Hotdog? I wonder what special thing would the hotdog does? ;P


This is how the TDH's jersey looks like! quite nice right? =D

and us the awesome participants who was looking forward for the alcohol NOT run =D

Excited sial right the people?! alcoholic in the house! haha

This is an alcoholic in the making! as young as this! fuuulaamaak!

and the run begins!

ya ya ya...after a while! we end up back in TDH, queue-ing for....


That's all!
I would be there for the next TDH's run for sure!
Beer FTW!

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choi yen said...

u go for the run or the beer? lol