Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Special Screening
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Was so so looking forward to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1.....saw the trailer in the cinema for a few times! and honestly speaking, the trailer was epic, awesome! any words you could come up with to describe "awesome"!

So during the screening day, i was pretty excited although I'm no Twilight's fan *sorry peeps* hahah! but yeah, due to the awesome trailer, can't wait!!!

BUT, the moment the movie start running...argggghhh!!!! disappointing...everything was pretty much on the trailer! and it was more like a comedy movie rather than love-vampire-werewolf story! disappointing!

How would I rate?
3 of out 10

Check out the synopsis below
On the night of her wedding to Edward Cullen, Bella Swan is visited by her friend Jacob Black. When Bella accidentally indicates to him that she and Edward plan to consummate their marriage during their honeymoon, Jacob tries to attack Edward but members of his wolf pack hold him back. He then runs off into the woods, and Edward takes an upset Bella back to the reception.

The couple spends their honeymoon on a private island in Brazil. Although hesitant, Edward has sex with Bella for the first time. After Edward realizes that he bruised Bella's arm, back and shoulders during sex, he says that he will never have sex with her again, much to her disappointment; he later gives in to her seductions. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella discovers that she is pregnant with a fetus growing at an extraordinarily accelerated rate, and they rush back to Forks. Bella refuses to heed the urging from most of the Cullens for her to have an abortion, and enlists Rosalie to protect her wishes.

Opposed to Sam Uley's plans to kill Bella and her child, Jacob leaves the pack in protest and arrives at the Cullen house to protect Bella; Seth and Leah Clearwater join him. As the pregnancy progresses, Bella's health severely detoriates. As a last resort, she begins drinking blood, which satisfies the fetus and allows her to regain some strength. Soon afterward Bella goes into a very painful labor and gives birth to her daughter, Renesmee. To save her life by turning her into a vampire, Edward injects Bella's heart with his venom, but nothing happens, and Bella is thought to be dead. Greatly distraught, Jacob attempts to kill the baby, but stops when he realizes he has imprinted on the child.

When the werewolves learn of Bella's death, they attack the Cullen house to try to kill the baby. They stop when they learn of Jacob's imprinting of Renesmee, which, under werewolf law, means Renesmee cannot be harmed. Bella's wounds heal and she wakes up with red eyes as a new-born vampire.

In a post-credits scene, the Volturi learn of Bella's conversion; Aro notes that this is not the end of their dispute with the Cullens, as the Cullens "have something he wants."

Check out the trailer!

Must watch? You be the judge
But I'm still looking forward for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Philippines' Market, Kota Kinabalu

Philippines' Market at the City Center

This place is just right beside to the Pasar Kraftangan...

Philippines' Market at Kota Kinabalu is one of the famous place where all the Filipino have their business at....From ready cooked food to raw food, to vegetables, to drinks and etc. I'm sure all you do know that Philippines is just on top of Sabah, hence it is pretty common and a lot of Filipino migrated to Kota Kinabalu for business purposes and what not.

So if you wanna see Filipino people and experience their way living or doing businesses, this is the place! =D

The moment you step into that area....
you will see this!
look at the size of the seafood! =S
huge ass!

Chicken wings is everywhere in Kota Kinabalu yo!

one thing nice about this Philippines' Market is that, it is just right beside the sea!
you can enjoy some awesome nice view

So they have, from seafood, to kuih-muih

to ice-kacang aka ABC

to fresh-raw-fish

to vegetables

Check it out if you have extra time in Kota Kinabalu

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pasar Kraftangan, Kota Kinabalu

Hand-crafts lover? yes? no?
Well it's something you might want to check it out

Get souvenirs from here! or maybe some nice pearls for your mum? or gf? *wink wink* =P
oh you would be greeted by this funny tailor just right before u enter! haha

Hand-crafts, known as can simply just find anything there =)
from ukelele?

too all of this...too much to name =S
girls would love this place....proof! pictures here! =D

our traditional game....
congkat yo!

some decorative stuff

huge face here! haha

Pearls for gals! and your mummy of course...haha
and yes, it's pretty cheap too....

btw, you can get lots of salted fish and all salted stuff there too...just right beside it....

and yes it's freshly salted! hahaha
can salted stuff be fresh ar actually? =S

So where is it?
It's by the city can't miss it!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monsopiad Cultural Village, Kota Kinabalu

Monsopiad Cultural Village in Kota Kinabalu

One of the MUST visit cultural village in Sabah and Malaysia I would say....

So who is this Monsopiad fellow?
Legend told that many centuries ago, a lady named Kizabon was pregnant. She lived in a house with her husband, Dunggou. On the roof of their house, a sacred Bugang bird made its nest and stayed there throughout Kizabon's pregnancy.

When the child was due to be born, the Bugang birds hatched as well. The father of the child took the sign as a good omen and that this was a sign that his newborn son would have special powers. He named his son, Monsopiad. The father paid special care to the birds as well, and whenever his son took a bath, Dunggou would take the young birds down from their nest to have a bath with his son. When done, he later returned them to the safety of their nest. This was done diligently until the birds were strong enough to leave the nest.

The young boy grew up in the village Kuai (which is the grounds of the Village). His maternal grandfather was the headman of the village.

However, their village was often plundered and attacked by robbers and due to the lack of warriors in the village, the villagers had to retreat and hide while the robbers ransacked their homes.

But for Monsopiad, things were different. He was given special training and he turned out to be an excellent fighter and grew up to become a warrior. Well-equipped, he vowed to hunt down and fight off the warriors that had terrorized his village for so long. He will bring back their heads as trophies, he claimed, and hang them from the roof of his house!

All he wanted in return was a warrior's welcome, where his success will be heralded by the blowing of bamboo trumpet. In order to prove that he really did as promised, three boys went with him as witnesses

Just as he had promised, Monsopiad's journey to rid his village of the robbers was a huge success and upon coming home, he was given a hero's welcome. He was so honored by the welcome that he proclaimed he will destroy all enemies to his village.

Over the years, Monsopiad soon attained a reputation and there were no robbers or evil warriors who dared to challenge him. However, the urge to kill had gotten into Monsopiad's head and he simply could not stop himself from beheading more people. Very soon, he started provoking other men into fighting him so that he would have an excuse to kill and behead them.

With his changed attitude, all the villagers and his friends became afraid of him. Left with no choice, the village got a group of brave warriors together and they plan to eliminate Monsopiad. Much as they respected Monospiad for his heroic deeds, yet they had no choice for he had slowly turned into a threat.

One night as planned, the warriors moved in for the kill as Monsopiad was resting in his house. As they attacked him, he fought back fiercely but realized that he had lost his special powers that were bestowed upon him by the Bugang bird. By abusing his gift, he was left powerless and it was that very night that Monsopiad's life ended.

Despite his downfall, the villagers still loved Monsopiad for all that he had done for them. All in all, he collected 42 heads and a great feat that was! In honor and memory of a once great warrior, a monument was erected and the village was renamed after him.

Hence, the Monsopiad Cultural Village has been established to celebrate him

This is how the place looks like

The place where Monsopiad stores all the skulls he collected....
hence it's known as the
"The House of Skulls"

This is how it looks like inside...

all the skulls...

and we meet this awesome bunch of ppl! nice people =)

Then we were shown how is the traditional rice wine is make...awesome..

Rice wine is basically an alcoholic beverage made from rice. Unlike wine, which is made by fermentation of naturally sweet grapes and other fruit, rice "wine" results from the fermentation of rice starch converted to sugars. This process is akin to that used to produce beer; however, beer production employs a mashing process to convert starch to sugars whereas rice wine uses the different amylolytic process. Alcoholic beverages distilled from rice were exclusive to East and Southeast Asian countries, with knowledge of the distillation process reaching India and parts of South Asia later through trade. Rice brew typically has a higher alcohol content (18–25%) than wine (10–20%), which in turn has a higher alcohol content than beer (3–8%).

Check out the stuff they use to make it...

Traditional stuff

Found a samseng gal in Sabah!

and check out the bamboo stick down there...there was the place where Monsopiad throw the skulls to clean the skulls by letting insects and what not to clean up the flesh from the skulls...

Cultural show time...

Do you know this below? i'm sure u know!

but i can't remember what do u call it =S

Guess what, I tried it too...was a scary shit experience...haha

spot me? =)

That's it!

Abit of picture with the peeps we just met! =)

ok! it's time to rest!


So how to get there, just check out the map below...
Kampung Kuai Kandazon,
Penampang Sabah, Malaysia.
P.O. Box 153 89458 Tanjung Aru
Sabah (East Malaysia)
Tel: +608 - 8761 336
Fax: +608 - 8761 680

Must visit place I would say