Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Philippines' Market, Kota Kinabalu

Philippines' Market at the City Center

This place is just right beside to the Pasar Kraftangan...

Philippines' Market at Kota Kinabalu is one of the famous place where all the Filipino have their business at....From ready cooked food to raw food, to vegetables, to drinks and etc. I'm sure all you do know that Philippines is just on top of Sabah, hence it is pretty common and a lot of Filipino migrated to Kota Kinabalu for business purposes and what not.

So if you wanna see Filipino people and experience their way living or doing businesses, this is the place! =D

The moment you step into that area....
you will see this!
look at the size of the seafood! =S
huge ass!

Chicken wings is everywhere in Kota Kinabalu yo!

one thing nice about this Philippines' Market is that, it is just right beside the sea!
you can enjoy some awesome nice view

So they have, from seafood, to kuih-muih

to ice-kacang aka ABC

to fresh-raw-fish

to vegetables

Check it out if you have extra time in Kota Kinabalu


Jeff Chuah said...

Didn't realize there's a Philippines' market in Kota Kinabalu...definitely will visit it when I go to KK...

Pong said...

So Philippine-ish! Especially the veggie stalls with umbrellas. Hope I can visit there someday.