Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kundasang, Mount Kinabalu

One day at Kundasang

So just let me list down the few places........
1) On the way up, stop by somewhere to take a picture with Mount' Kinabalu...*stop by somewhere safe k, don't be some hero... =P *
Snap a picture, just like me here! XD

2) Secondly, stop by this village call Pekan Nabalu... 

For more details of the place, check out this link here...

3) Next would be of course the awesome Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve

For more details check out the link below yo!

4) If you haven't check out the Rafflesia, the world biggest flower..meaning you have yet been to Mount Kinabalu!
For more details check out the link below yo!

5)  Last but not least, you must visit Taman Kinabalu.....
though if you ask my honest opinion, if you've been to some other larger park in the country or can pass this...but SINCE you're there already...SO WHY NOT?! =)

Do drop me a comment if you need more details, or even guidance to go around there!

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Aki said...

Ho ho ho.. So,when will you climb the Kinabalu Mountain.. ^_^.v..