Monday, September 12, 2011

Nabalu Village, Mount Kinabalu

@ Kundasang

If you go to Kota Kinabalu, Mount Kinabalu is of course a place that you MUST visit.
and there, mua visiting there!

So where exactly is Mount Kinabalu? Mount Kinabalu is actually situated at this place call Kundasang. It's only 110km away from Kota Kinabalu. But due to the fact that the journey towards there is more of a hill/mountain sort of road? so although it is only 110km away from the town, you would actually take up to 2 hours to reach there..UNLESS you're Michael Schumacher la, maybe you get there in 30minutes? haha DREAM ON! LOL

So while on the way up to Kundasang, there's a few hot spot that it is a MUST to visit...One of it, it's this place call Nabalu Village

So what is it so special up in this village? Let's check out the pictures, then you will know =D
*yes la, pictures do the talking, ya daadee daadaaa, yes yes pictures do the talking*

First of all, gals....You have lots of cheap local souvenirs to shop...well not to gals only, since guys nowadays love to shop too! just like me! haha
LOTS to shop right? no?

and they have a viewing tower too! will show you what can you view from there later =)

something nice which I wanted to buy,BUT too expensive =S
i'm a poor poor boy...who wanna buy for me?

and shop shop shoppp....
lots of souvenirs and local food, no kidding u...

and yes, you can see Mount Kinabalu from the village itself! nice right? =D

so from the viewing tower as I mentioned just now...
of course you can see the village itself...

and of course you can see the famous Mount Kinabalu even clearer!
of course the other small little mountain, which is superbly nice tooo

Mount Kinabalu

of course you need to take some awesome picture there right!
it's seriously breathtaking! no kidding....

then again, more shopping for gals....damn! Never bring your gf there, you'll go broke! haha kidding =P

and check this out, Coca-Cola design was replaced with the word "Kota Kinabalu"...
cool aight? =P Malaysia Boleh!

that's me wanna be an!!

So when you're up there, make sure you visit this Nabalu Village!
next post would be what other places you MUST visit up in Kundasang


Nikel Khor said...

Wow... Nice trip rite?

Xue Ren said...

woooh! nice one! I never been there b4 too >.<

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