Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Malaysia Music Festival 2011 is looking for Bloggers!

Are you a blogger?

If the answer is yes! Then you are at the right place!

Malaysia Music Festival 2011
And it's going to be MASSIVE!

Malaysia Music Festival 2011 is looking for bloggers just to promote the massive-awesome-crazy event! 

If you're a blogger and you want some VVIP passes....all you gotta do right now is to comment in the post with the details below;
1) of course you need to follow my blog (at the tab call "followers" on the right hand side of my blog, above the picture)
2) follow my twitter too =P (twitter ID:  @yeongboon )
3) Leave your email, blog link, and page rank
4) Last but not least, leave the link of an "event post" that you have blogged about before that you think is the BEST review you have done!

YES! it's as simple as that! you don't have to do anything for now other than just leaving a comment! So what are you waiting for peeps!

I'll be picking more than 10 bloggers for this! So don't wait ya!
By the way, no worries if you did not get pick for this....because I'll be giving away 3 pairs of tickets later on as well, or maybe more...depending on how is the response to this post yo!

So wait no more peeps!
Malaysia Music Festival is gonna be massive!


CleverMunkey ® said...

wow! mr yeong boon's give away! NICE :D

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

sounds cool! :D but how come not much details regarding the event?? :p

yeongboon said...

CleverMunkey: hahaa yup!!! wanna join? =D

Caroline: details would be email to the selected bloggers later on =) no worries...

life-muses said...

okie, i did all the steps and commenting now :D

email :
blog link :
page rank : 1/10 (really poor ranking!)
link of an event post :


toninkush said...

nice.. too bad im not a fan of any of the artists

Queennie said...

I want passes ! :P Will send u link soon :P

BenjaminVai said...

ok. haha

Page:1?? or 0??

Link for event:

not the best of course, probably most relavant.

BenjaminVai said...

ei?? shit, mistaken this for the rockaway , haha no wonder tony say tak mau.

yeong boon, pls clear out mine . sorry

Nana Eddy said...

Honestly, I have don't know half of the listed artist. But it would be great to meet Yuna agan!

PR: 1/10
event link: well, I dunno which is better. Most events I go are food reviews (which explains why I gained weight despite Puasa) These are the only two events that is not food-related. so I'll give u two links.

Lasertag -

Vaseline Party -

oh and today I'm going for another one. Let's see if I can do a better write-up with (MUCH) better pics.

Isaac Tan said...

finally can check.

Have liked both the FB pages.

My details
Page Rank: 3

Complete links of all events writeups here:

A few Event Related Posts Below:
Dean Hewitson's Wine Tasting Event

Ning Baizura New Album Launch At Zouk KL

Hennessy Artistry 2011 At Mist Club

Laser Tag Event For Bloggers At Laser Warzone

First Ever Churpout Session

Magnum Karaoke Party Event

Thanks bro.

JQ Lee said...

I want to get it pls!!

Page rank: How do i get this?

and more to come!

JQ Lee said...

my page rank 3

QIaN said...

I want!!!

blog link:
page rank: 1

event post:

SiMon Har said...


blog link:
page rank: 2

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

email :
blog link :
page rank : 1
event posts :

Xue Ren said...

email :
blog link :
page rank : N/A *i have no idea why N/A =( I tried to check this months ago, but still N/A*
event posts :
Tune talk review :
Food Tasting event :

Queennie said...

Email :
Blog link :
Page rank : ????

Fashion concert press conference :

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Orange said...

email :
blog link :
page rank : N/A
event posts :
Food Tasting event :

• Stephanie • said...

Hi,I am Stephanie :) Hopefully you'll like my bloglinks! ^^

page rank: 1/10
event posts:
food tasting event:

fashion event:

Aligatok! :P

jhon said...

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Parvez saifi said...

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