Friday, September 16, 2011

PropWall - Malaysia Top Properties

Looking for houses?

Looking for houses has never been easy. Driving around areas, scouting, survey, whatever way you could describe it, it's never easy. But thank God there is internet! After all the hassle, I decided to just search it online, and I found this side call PropWall.
PropWall is a website where you could search online regarding houses for sales including condominium, landed property, shop houses and even empty land!

Well of course I did stumble upon other property website. But what I like about this PropWall is that they actually have Property Map! What do I mean by that? Just check out the picture below....
Get it?! woots! So you could actually navigate around the map to look for what area you want to stay at?! Sometimes, you might just found some new places that you would never come across!
As for me, I did not know that Seputeh is so near to Midvalley and Bangsar. I thought Seputeh was some "ulu" far off place. Interesting aight? 

Further as a person who is looking for properties, definitely you want exact details on a particular property and the area. PropWall has it all! See the picture below...

This would the search page while doing properties search. Lovin' it. Simple and nice....

After all of the tiring searches and what not, last but not least of course you would want to know where do you stand financially in buying the property you're interested in.
Does that mean that you need to actually call up any banks and consult them about your financial status in regards on how much you need to pay for a particular property?
PropWall, you do not need to worry about that anymore!
They have Mortgage Calculator yo!
As easy as ABC.
First, just type in the Loan Amount, maybe RM100,000?
Secondly, type in the Interest Rate, usually interest rate would go as low as 2.5% to 5%. To be at the safe side, usually bank would offer 3%, more or less.
Thirdly, type in the Loan term in years, which usually would go up to 40years.
Lastly, just click on "Calculate", and wala! your Month Installment would then be there!

Easy right??

PropWall is a really easy website to navigate around to hunt for property!
So what are you waiting for?
Get your property yo!

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