Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve, Mount Kinabalu

@ Kundasang

As I said from the previous, there is a few MUST visit places when you go up to Mount Kinabalu. Other than Nabalu Village, it's this place below!

the place is call...
Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve

So what do they have there? Basically the most famous of all the things they have there is the Hot Spring and of course the Canopy walk. Other than that, they have a Butterfly Farm and Tropical Gardens. Well since I'm no big fan of any Butterfly decided to skipped that. And Tropical Gardens? NAAH! lol

and here goes

The moment you enter, the first thing that come across to you would be a bridge connecting to the Reserve.
and of course below the bridge there's a stream la...duuh =P
and that's me! yes me crossing the bridge..

First stop, Canopy Walk
To get to the Canopy walk, firstly of course you need to hike up, or else how would it be high enough to have a canopy walk right? make sense tak? no? yes? oh well....
found this huge ass leave while going up =S

after roughly 25 minutes hiking up....walaa! the canopy walk...

So what's a canopy walk? canopy walk is simply a suspended bridge which is supported by 2 trees or so....meaning, you can't have too many people standing on it, or else you'll just become Superman and start flying down.....down down down...

That's me enjoying it....oh ya, if you're afraid of height, better not try...it's freaking high up! no kidding u...
taking picture of course is a must!

There's a total of 6 suspended bridge(canopy walk)....I wish they have much more, maybe 20 or 30? =D

After hiking up, definitely you need to hike down as well...on the way down there, bumped into this auntie...
she was all alone, and she was having trouble going down...so we decided to walk with her, and then we started to ask her "how come you're alone?" she replied, "all my friends decided not to hike because they are lazy, but since I'm here, no matter how hard it is, I am still gonna hike up and try the canopy walk"

So after the sweating tiring, hiking up and down to the canopy walk...
the next spot would of course be chilling at the Hot Spring, muahahaha XD
Apparently it was told that the water coming from the Hot Spring or what not, contains sulfur, and it's good for skin!
hmmmm, was thinking, maybe I'll have super smooth skin after that, smoother than baby butt! haha

Check out the place
the one on the left, it's the public hot spring tub, on the right is the private hot spring tub

oh they have swimming pool too if you think that hot spring water is not your thing! *you must be dumb* haha
look at the picture on the right, SOOOOO PINK! =S

Check out the steam! oh yeaH!

here's how the public hot spring tub looks like....
was worried that it would be dirty, but it is actually pretty clean =)
oh ya! I didn't have super baby butt smooth skin after that... FML =(

Better go there if you're in Sabah!


CleverMunkey ® said...

miss playing inside that hot spring tub! <3

Thristhan said...

You wouldnt believe it, when I went to KK a couple of years back, we were looking for the hot springs. Drove for nearly 2 hours and was near the Kundasang Memorial War. Then half way we gave up because the drive seemed too far away, only to find out that if we continued another 5 or 10 more minutes, we would have reached the Hot Springs. How unlucky. Anyways, this only means that I'll have to plan another trip there.

Admin said...

I Like it ^^