Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aloud Asia Vol #2

Aloud Asia Vol #2 was an eye opener!

Why was it an eye opener?! simple......I didn't know Malaysia has so much talent in music till today...They are all so young yet, they are not too bad. Of course they are not as good as the signed artist, but with proper nurture, trust me...they will up there....

and guess who was there?! me of course!

Check out the line up for the day!

The opening act
Eliza Thomas
she's not too bad...her voice is light, but she needs a better controlling still...
young, she has lots of potential =)

Angie Lym
She is really good...I mean really really really good...the moment she starts singing, i was like woaaah!
but then was kinda disappointed though....she sang like lots of upbeat music..I think she is better off with slower music... =)

I think they call themselves as Bohemian?
Don't wanna comment...they need lots of practice first, not up to the standard...
sorry =/

and this....
Beat the System
word! they are superbly good!
they are ready to be sign! not kidding u.....

Paperplane Pursuit
young band....still improving i would say =)

and the performance I was waiting for the whole day!
Estranged yo!
what more you want me to say?! They are Estranged! of course they are awesome!

Check out their live recording from mua! hahaha
and the lead singer saw me recording, and he purposely stand there for me to film him!dammm! hahaha..attention seeker! hahaha

and....the famous...

Well, I enjoyed myself!

Can't wait for Aloud Asia Vol #3

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