Sunday, October 9, 2011

Arthur's Day 2011 at Speed City KL

Worldwide Celebration

One of the biggest of the year! yeah you bet, it was ONE of the biggest event in year 2011!
One thing different about the Arthur's Day this year is that, you can't buy the tickets! you either need to win it, or EARN it!
and here's PART of the disgusting amount of tickets I received! XD

So what is Arthur's Day all about?
Arthur's Day refers to a series of music events which were first organised in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewing company by its owner Diageo plc.
Those events took place internationally in the cities of Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, New York and Yaoundé on 23 September 2009. The event was broadcast internationally on Sky TV, ITV2 and DirecTV. €6 million has been pledged to the Arthur Guinness Fund. The celebration has been endorsed by several high-profile names, such as rock star-turned political activist Bob Geldof, director and screenwriter Guy Ritchie, footballer and Guinness football ambassador for Africa Michael Essien and British celebrities such as Peter Crouch, Sophie Dahl.
Guinness drinkers are expected to raise a glass to the memory of Arthur Guinness at 17:59 (5:59pm), a reference to 1759, the year the Guinness Brewery was established. An 82c stamp of an Arthur Guinness portrait was also released by An Post to commemorate the anniversary.
Arthur's Day 2010 took place on 23 September.

and this year Arthur's Day 2011 took place on the 23rd of September 2011 too!
and of course pre-drinking in the car must be done! muahahaha
oppps, wrong beer,should be Guinness Stout instead...hahaha
forgive me =)

and here it is!
Arthur's Day!

With the Guinness gal and globe...sorry, mua photographer not that good...kinda blur =/

Check out the places....the organiser did an amazing job!

and the main stage..nicely done =)

So what is Arthur's Day without some Guinness yo!

The crowd was crazy!

and my peeps who party with me all night long yo!

and the night of course was entertained by the likes of...
Mizz Nina!

some of the famous DJs, Serena C, JD and i dunno who =S

and some not so famous Celebrities =S at least to me la...haha

and the highlight of the night...

he is good! really at least.....
and the organiser entertained us with this ballllllssss

The crowd was crazy with the BALLS that time rather than Taio Cruz...aku tak faham langsung...
just see the video below =S

Back to Taio Cruz

Lots of ppl said that he lips sync during the entire concert....well, I thought so too...but after looking and listening to the video I recorded....NAH, he didn't lips can tell it's pretty obvious when he was singing through the mike...when he took alway the mike, it was because of the background music that the organiser used, had his singing at the back too, the lousy organiser didn't use +1 music =/ dumbass organiser!

Just check out the video...
you be the judge =)

the closing act!

How was urs?!
mine was epic!

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WynterRose said...

I didn't go, haha. It looks like you had fun with your buddies, though. :)

I'm not really all that interested in this kinda crowd. Had a couple of bad experiences so don't wanna repeat history.