Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pasar Kraftangan, Kota Kinabalu

Hand-crafts lover? yes? no?
Well it's something you might want to check it out

Get souvenirs from here! or maybe some nice pearls for your mum? or gf? *wink wink* =P
oh you would be greeted by this funny tailor just right before u enter! haha

Hand-crafts, known as Kraftangan....you can simply just find anything there =)
from ukelele?

too all of this...too much to name =S
girls would love this place....proof! pictures here! =D

our traditional game....
congkat yo!

some decorative stuff

huge face here! haha

Pearls for gals! and your mummy of course...haha
and yes, it's pretty cheap too....

btw, you can get lots of salted fish and all salted stuff there too...just right beside it....

and yes it's freshly salted! hahaha
can salted stuff be fresh ar actually? =S
confused sial....lol

So where is it?
It's by the city center...you can't miss it!


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