Thursday, November 17, 2011

H-Artistry HALO 2011 at MIECC

The Biggest Party of the Year
@ Mines International Exhibition Convention Center

H-Artistry HALO 2011
Just look at the traffic, I reach there around 8-ish, and the traffic was already jam packed =S

So after stuck at the bloody traffic into the car park, finally I'm in there!

oh and all the finalist for Ms. Universe Malaysia 2012 was there too

So after registering myself as a blogger, then off we entered!

After waiting for a bit outside...finally, they open the door to the awesome MIECC
and i was impressed like seriously!

oh ya! we have our table reserved yo!
Table exclusive for bloggers yo! *nothing biggie actually*
jealous not?! muahahaha =D

Check out the stage, the place and all...Impressed sial!

Some pictures of the awesome celebrities who was there....
the emcee for the night, which i have no idea who was it! hahahaha
sorry =D

the opening act, couple up with Park Jun Min later on

and next the super beautiful Landy Wen....

and the awesome peeps who was there to P-A-R-T-Y

what's up Benjamin at the back? what u doing la dei! hahaha

The awesome people!

H-Artistry 2012, Imma gonna be there for sure!


Kahmon said...

Why la everyone posting weird pictures of mine. T___T" Which I dont even recall got such pics wehh!! image spoiled! DAMN!!

kuromeowiie said...

last picture epic la whei XD

CuteBun said...

Geng! I see bendan so high!

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