Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Secret Life of Nora

Musical @ Istana Budaya

my tickets...

The only regret I have for this musical is, WHY DIDN'T I BRING MY CAMERA!!!! arggghhhhh
Usually you're not allowed to take pictures or even bring it your camera in this kinda musical and what not...mana tau, they actually allows...what the hell weii!

Anyways, what is this musical about?
The Secret Life of Nora
Set in a fantastical version of the 1960s, “The Secret Life of Nora” is about Nora, the star of a cabaret, who becomes a spy by accident to help uncover a mysterious evil plot by an evil Baddie. She falls in love with Roger, a British agent who helps her in her transformation from a stage Drama Queen to a skilled undercover spy!
One of the most anticipated musicals of the year, “The Secret Life of Nora” is produced by Enfiniti Vision Media, the critically-acclaimed company that produced the award-winning Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical and P.Ramlee the Musical.
The Executive Producer, who is also the award-winning producer, actress and arts advocate Tiara Jacquelina personally hand-picked the creative minds and top talents from East to West to collaborate in Malaysia’s largest “Glocal” production in musical theatre.
The musical promises to be a ravishing spectacle on all accounts from the star studded cast to the audio-visual feast incorporating elements of aerial spectacle, fantasy and a fusion of music from across the eras.

Check out the ugly and low quality pictures from my phone...FML =/
sad sial...

The cast, in "card-board" version...

the cast...LIVE!
*screw you ugly lousy blackberry's camera*

and the awesome people who went for the musical!

Check out Behind-the-Scenes of Nora!

What's next?
Maybe Aladdin?

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