Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Gala Night!

Yes, this the real thing....haha! thanks to Johnnie Walker, received a few invitation to this awesome Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Gala Night...woots! thanks once again =)

So what is this Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Gala Night about? Basically it's a Live Event for the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Finale..... Yup it was broadcast Live! and i was there =P Jealous not? =D

So the night started with a Cocktail session first...

while chilling about, we spotted Gabriella Robinson's hardcore supporter!

and Deborah Henry yo!

and of course I wont miss the chance of taking a picture with her!

Elaine Daly

After chilling for a bit...decided to enter into the Convention Center...
and I was impressed *more like a jakun la, never attend anything as big as this before XD *

check out the table...not too bad =)

since Johnnie Walker is one of the main sponsor, so how can the night be without a bottle of "Gold Lable Reserve Johnnie Walker" yo!

and walaa...the awesome peeps who attended the event!
and of course i'm there! blind ka cannot see me? haha =D

So the night starts with Andrea Forseka as the National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia giving a speech....
*yes, this wasn't shown through tv* =P

Then, the top 20 of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

of course there's food too.....
but what I don't understand was, they were serving the food so fast, as if they wanna stuff us to death....we haven't even finish one dish, and the other came!
crazy fast =S anyways, shall SOME pictures of the food...

Next....LIVE broadcast starts.....
Opening act

and again, the top 20 of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

and now the top 9 of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

my favourite below....
Kimberley Leggett
*Penangites yo*

and Lu Xanne

Imma show you something that you don't get to see behind the screen...

The girls getting make up and hair done behind the screen
somehow i find it kinda funnny...? XD dunno why but yeah =D haha

and now to the top 4 of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

It's the time where they have the question answer session
and Kimberley was the lucky no.1

and now results time yo!


our Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 is KIMBERLEY LEGGETT

this is our top 4 yo!

a better close up picture here =)

Andrea Forseka with the current Miss Universe Malaysia, Kimberley Leggett

woots! check out some of the stuff that we received during the Gala Night

our Ms. Universe Malaysia 2012
Kimberley Leggett

top 9

Great awesome night!
Congratulation to Kimberley Leggett again
Penangite FTW


Psylancer said...

Yo! Nice meeting you there, and loving the extensive collection of the ladies in swimwear you have there, mmm mmm.

chowchow7 said...

wow~great happening event...wonder hw u got d invite...=)

Tony Teh said...

hmm... i dont find them pretty hahaha

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