Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Secret "Law Ball" at some Garden

Last month....

Last month, I've been spending like darn a lot....Especially the last 2 weeks of the month...
How much did I spend? I don't even dare to calculate =/

Anyway, had Law Ball at ShangRi La...Food=SUCKS TO THE MAX!!, People=AWESOME!!! =)

Before we leave.... The 2 gay bastard, so busy posing...
and the forced me to do dunno what stupid vince's pose...darnn =/

damm gay right?! haha

Yes, I was forced to do this....Look at my face, I'm smirking laa =/

After that, left Tho Quin's place.....
On the way....
We left around 5.30pm, and we reached there like 7.20pm
KL, the jam juz so dammm **** **

In the car

After we got there, there were not much ppl there yet...so we had to wait outside for kinda long... =/

Then, pictures time =D
This is me ONLY =)

Me & Stacey, she was gorgeous that night!

with Panjang aka. Ju-On aka. Yee Chien =)

with Liz

with June, she was really gorgeous that night too...

with Zhi Yan

with Jamie

The gayest picture EVER! haha... with Jeremy..

with Michelle Lee

my closest friend ever...Amanda Khoo =)

with Michelle Lau

with Sharmane.... her dress was really nice..seriously =)

with Joanne...Hantu kat bawah! =S

with Yoke Han

And now...random picturess =)

January Intake 2009

Ian Wong Kah Jun with Kah Jun aka Inspector Gadget (yes they have the same name) =D

Marissa, she was called for some dancing thing...which I do not know what is it for 

Lynn Performing with Dick...

Amir and Mr. Mark singing =D

what you doing la Sharmane?!!HAHAH   =D

I was forced by Juney to stand beside this SLOGGI thingy...haihzz..bad gal la u! =D

SCANDAL! hahahaa!!
Got caught making out!!!! hahaha!
juz saying ny! haha =D

the 2 Sher-Lynn/Sher-Lin

mua table of ppl =) with Ananth..

Thank God for the people...or else the night would be a disaster =)

Anyway after that, we wanted to go Murni...but then we ended up in McD instead...thankz to Bryan's phobia =D

Picture of the night!
We Gonna Rock UK ppl =D

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