Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Night Theme Park, Genting Highlands

Yes, Genting Highlands' Night Theme Park

Thanks to the fact that I'm a World Card Member for Genting, on and off I do received updates and events from them...
This time around, I received an email saying that they are running this Night Theme Park thingy, and they would be having Parades and all.....

And the best part is for World Card Members, tickets would only cost u RM10/= YES RM10!!! hahahaha
Unbelievable? BELIEVE IT! =D

Head up there around 1, we took our own sweet time actually, we were out from house since 10-ish I would say? haha

The indoor btw

After we got our 10bucks ticket and wristband..

enter we go!

The first thing that caught our eye

oh ya! btw, it was EFFING cold! no kidding u...i think it was around 10 degrees? =S

off to our very first ride =D

Next was CockScrew, but we weren't allowed to hold our camera...too bad =S

Space Shot!

super nice right? =)

Then the parade!!!
Such a poser right this clown? haha

Yes the clown keep on coming back to us! I dunno whyyyyyyyy, dont ask..

My very first Night Theme Park!
Ppl who love to take pictures, you guys should really go for it! It's super nice! trust me!
btw, i think this Night Theme Park thing ends this week!
So dont wait! JUST GO!!!!


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