Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rome, Italy

My Favourite Place among all!

Anyway, effing a lot of pictures in Rome...Why?

So, this was our means of transport in Rome

and this was where we stayed for 3 nights in Rome

yes Messi was there with

the annoying umbrella's seller....

and the view at night
nice right? =)

and us....

ok I can't remember what's the name of the next place...pls tell me if u know =S

and this too =S

and we saw this...
someone drew this on the floor
cool right? =)

and the famous Trevi Fountain
and we went there twice.....probably u will say that we were like some jakun or something...but screw u! ahahaha
why? cause it's awesomely nice...
look at the pictures then u tell me =P
night time btw

and during day time...

ok! sorry ppl.....from here onwards....i'm super lazy to tell u where and when and whatever anymore...hahahaha
too bad! =P just look at the pictures and ask me where is it if u REALLY wanna know =P's the pictures =P

so that's it for Rome
and guess what we were trying to do?

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