Monday, August 25, 2008

3rd Day After Finals

Yeah!! 3rd day after exam, and we're still having fun! haha.... btw sorry for blogging the stuff like few days ago, BUT then u guys wouldn't want me to skip these few days.... Right right? =)

Again, they Yee Chien, Joanne, Michael and Tho Quin came over to my place for a swim....This time, they were not really late, they reached my place around 10 something... =)
So they came over, Joanne didn't want to swim at first, but then because of us, she then felt like swimming with us...But then thing was, she does not have any swim wear or extra clothes... and I'm a guy, obviously I do not have anything for her =S
After all of us keep tempting her to swim, in the end she decided to get some clothes from me to So she did, and she's in the pool after that and she can actually wear my clothes and pants =S haha, she's not fat la k....

So after swimming, I went up to my house with the girls first one of them need to dry up their personal stuff, you know what laa =/ because they need to do some personal stuff... So they showered and do their stuff in my room...and I showered at my cousin's room instead....
After that, the guys came up and take their turn to shower instead.... lol

After swimming and showering, we went somewhere near to Tho Quin's house to makan...Then he dropped all us back to my place and went off because he need to be back home by then...

Then, we decided to drop by at One Utama for a movie.... The plan was I'll drive there and drop them back at my place after movie, so I went up to my house and take my car-keys...

When I got down from my house..this was what I saw =S


That's Joanne and Michael on the swing when I got down from my house =S

Here's a clearer look of both of them on the swingggggg =D

Where is Yee Chien???

She's so sad alone playing this there =(

See how sad she is till she is crazy laughing there =D

Sad gal =( LOL

Because of me is such a nice guy *perasan mia saya*, so I went to play with her =D

So that's me =D

They went on and play, play and play =D

Here's a Video of Michael and me at the playground, sadly, part of the video can't be view, but don't worry, u guys can continue watching or should I say listen to it, BECAUSE, there's a lot of weird and funny sound made by Yee Chien and Joanne =D

So after we went to One Utama for our movie, and we watched You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Well, to be honest about the movie, its pretty lame *Angeline you should have told us before we bought the ticket laaaaaaaaa* BUT, since we're so bored....I think its worth watching of all those lame and stupid jokes =/
After the movie, we wanted to meet up with Angeline, but then we just couldn't make it in time...Sorry Angeline =/
Then we walked around and ate ice cream I had "After 8" again, haha Then we went back to my place and we went home separately =)

Sooo, that's the 3rd day, and there's more to come ppl...HAHA =D

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