Friday, August 22, 2008

Victoria Station & P-A-R-T-Y !!!


haha, yeah! exam is done!! no more going college everyday to study, no more late night study, no more reading, no more waking at 3 or 4 in the morning to go college ad study =S , and of course NO MORE EXAM!!! I'm done with year 1 of Law ppl =D

yeah, all of us are so excited! Its like so fast of 7 months plus of classes and fun are all over! and we're actually gonna go into year 2 in next month time....Its so nice, but yet sad...why? Because, a bunch of our classmates gonna leave to UK in like next month time....well, people come and yeah! but then, nonetheless, we went for VICTORIA STATION for a celebration of this immediately after our last paper!!! =D

SOOOOOOO, here is some picturessssss =D

hahaha, look what is he doing... look like he's praying before the meal...=D

what are they doing? =S

Escargot =)

hahaha...camwhoring =S haha, that's Joanne and ME =)

she's so desperate till keep on calling me to take her pic....HAHA jk jk =D

there, happy now Carmen? =) Your lovely picture of u have been taken =D
here are both of them again (Carmen, Yee Chien)

Bryan's Food

Tho Quinn's Food

Mua's Food =) Its nice thou =)

Michael's Food

Joanne's Food....Its Fish & Chips, dunno why she ordered F&C again, its like we always have that in Fish & Co. =S

Carmen's Food

what is she doing? =S

hahaha, Yee Chien admiring Carmen while she's eating =D

She's enjoying her food =)

yeah! haha, we kinda have fun thou!!! =D
After the meal, we then went to Midvalley...wanted to catch a movie, but then it was kinda late dy cause we have to go to another party...BBQ, Class Party...

Well, the party was nice, but we were kinda late to the party due to traffic jam.....but then who cares about that, the most important thing is all of us get to hang around =)

Owh ya, after party, its Coco Banana... Well, I was kinda late to there again...Why? Cause i was like freaking darn tired after the paper, lunch at Victoria Station, Midvalley and BBQ party...
But then for the sake of friends again...i went!!! =D
Haha, as usual was force to drink again! but i didn't get drunk at all =D
OWH YA, the thing that most amazed me was Yee Chien didn't get drunk at all =) good gal la Yee Chien *I'm sure after she sees this right, she'll be darn perasan and ss lo* HAHAHHAA =D

Well, that's all for now...Will update again a lot of things to blog about ppl =D


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