Saturday, January 16, 2010

June's Big day

!!!!Happy Birthday Wei Chan!!!!

Midnight.....past 15 minutes.....I bet she was waiting in her room.."Where are they la? why so long wan? arrghhh! should I sleep or wait?" haha =D

Michelle, "knock knock"........June buka pintu! and we went "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to June.....*imagine the tune by yourself la* =P"
and look at June's face =)
and I wonder what did she wish =)
*maybe, "I hope that the cake taste nice =S"* =D

Sorry, totally forgotten to take a picture of it! that's the best I could get =/

And dinner at Mei Mei.....
okkk...the waiter was abit bitchy...but chillax, it's Wei Chan's forgiven =)


lots more actually, but those here are those which look nice....haha...

camwhore saja la budak dua ini.....tengok picture kat top right and the bottom one here =D
Birthday galll...

Juney.....haha, Christine was good in making you wait in the toilet right?? haha......
we were waiting so that long la actually...
gals memang slow in the toilet...haihz =D

and when she came out....
I expect her to be like...."OMG *and smiling all they way*"
you wanna know what she said instead.... "WHAT? YOU GUYS ALREADY GOT ME A CAKE YESTERDAY?!!"
mua speechless.....ANYWAY.... =D

too fast la the birthday gal!

thus, she needs to pretend for a picture! =D

Happy Birthday again! =)
oppppsssss! =D

I mean....

Hope that you enjoy it!

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