Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in year 2...=D

YEAH!!!! I'm in Year 2 now ppl!!! wohoohohohoo....

All of us Me, Yee Chien, Michael, Joanne, Carmen, Wilson, Tho Quin, Ian, Wai Yen, Bryan and Vivian got through to year 2........ YEAH! before that, all us were kinda worry about our result, and we're really lucky too to get through all of our papers, as we did not really work really hard on it....hehe...thank God =)
But then its not that nice afterall, why? because quite a number of our classmates did not get through all the papers......So hopefully they will get through on their re-sit this time...GOOD LUCK!!! =)

First Day
First day of year 2 was ok...because its Ananth's class..... Knew that we gonna enjoy his class....
By the way, our current class darn BIGGGGGGG.... Guess the number? Its around 160 students...So you can imagine how big it is... =S
A lot of new faces, didn't get to know any new ppl... Why? I think it is because everyone already have their own cliques...and we also have our own...

So after class, as usual.....LUNCCCCHHH!!!!! went Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village 2..

Usual them =/ haha

BEING cute again, I mean AS USUAL =D

Second Day
Ananth's class again.... =/
Nothing muccccch......It was tort, and I wasn't bother to listen to it...because I did it in A-levels... =S
Guess what after that, LUNCCCCCCH AGAIN!!! hahaha, this time was at Fish & Co, our usual place...hehe

Owh ya, the moment we got there.... The waiter went and shake hand with Bryan =S as if they have known each other for really long =S yeah, we go there often...but I don't really like that waiter somehow =S

hahah....they were so bored waiting for their food I guess

I guess he was trying to be as pervert as Wilson, HAHAHA...Bryan you did it! =D

Why so busy? *shaking head*

we're enjoying =D wahahahaha

Well, 2nd day was ok I guess =/

Third Day
I dunno what's happening in class....Dunno what's Ms Vilmah teaching.....

hahah...this is what you SHOULD do when you're bored in class =D

We went to mamak during the break, and Yee Chien and Joanne decided not to go up for classs....
Why? CAUSE ITS EXTREMELY BORINGGGGGGG...They did a wise decision =S

After class, we went to main block to register our subject and had our lunch there...PIZZA HUT

Then we wanted to go to Pinky for CC...but its full =S
So we ended up SS2.....

After that, all of them came to my place for swimming......
Then Bryan, Tho Quin and me went for dinner in Murni...the rest went home...
Headed to Tho Quin's place for a while before all of us went home.....

will update sooon.....

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