Saturday, September 27, 2008

How should I start this post?

Is it so hard to even start a post? 

I seriously have no idea how to start about on this post at all...I know what to blog about, but then I have no idea at all how to start... =S

Look at the conversation below, I guess I'm not the only one who is facing difficulty to start a post =D wahahahahaha
[21:16] yeong boon: 
juz got back home
[21:17] yeong boon: feel like bloggin
[21:17] yeong boon: but dunno what to blog about
[21:17] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: ahhaa
[21:17] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: i havent been updating my blog too
[21:17] yeong boon: yeaaaaaaah
[21:17] yeong boon: i knowww
[21:20] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: hahha
[21:20] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: i reali dunno wad to blog about
[21:21] c.l.a.u.d.i.a: i mean i know but i dunno how to start
[21:21] yeong boon: yeaaaaah
[21:21] yeong boon: same like meee
[21:21] yeong boon: i wanna blog now
[21:21] yeong boon: but then i dunno how to start at alll
[21:21] yeong boon: wth!

And was complaining to Yee Chien how to start my post...
[21:18] yeong boon: haha
[21:18] yeong boon: aiyoooo
[21:18] yeong boon: whats wrong with my brain today
[21:19] YeeChien: today your brains disappeared.
[21:20] yeong boon: hahaha
[21:20] yeong boon: no
[21:20] yeong boon: juz not functioning
[21:20] yeong boon: dunno why
[21:23] YeeChien: haha zha dou.
[21:23] YeeChien: then no need to blog la
[21:23] YeeChien: but blog something la
[21:23] YeeChien: hahah I need to be entertained.
[21:23] YeeChien: and the best way is by reading your blog

HAHAHAA, I actually can entertain u har?  =D

Well after class on Thursday, went swimming.....
Yee Chien didn't bring her stuff, so she just sit there and chill...and she took this few picturesss...
spot me? I'm the one in the middle there. Bryan in the pool, Tho Quin walking towards me

Three steps to diveeeee =D
look at the camera and =), haahhaha

wear your goggles..


Next day, swimming again....After that, we Yee Chien, Bryan, Tho Quin & Me went dinner, Yuen's steamboat, Subang..

Dunno why Tho Quin & Bryan wanna torture the poor sotong...=/

she's acting cute again...haihzzz *shaking head* wahahaa

Next day class as usual......went for LATE lunch after class..Oowh ya, I think my eating time and all now is like so not right...have been not eating at the right time at all...Our lunch now can consider as  Tea Time dy... haihzz...Thankz to the stupid timetable..
After lunch, the plan was to chill for a while then go for basketball....In the end it rain its the 2nd day straight =S, so all of them went back except the few of us...because Joanne need to stay back to wait till 5 to fetch her mum and due the rain too, we couldn't get our car =S

So to cut the boreddnesssssss out....

as usual, Joanne just love doing this =/ hahahaha

 can you believe that Tho Quin and Bryan actually slept off =S

After 1 hour plus of waiting, we finally went back...

We Angeline & Me were talking about going there for so long dy....At last we Angeline, Joanne & ME're going tomorrow...


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